Scouts BSA Recruitment Toolbox
Why We Recruit
Scouting provides life changing opportunities for youth, families, and our communities at large. Welcoming new families is vital to ensure these traits continue on in our Neighborhoods. A recruitment event provides an opportunity to speak to the families of the new Scouts. We recruit so that more youth can grow from Scouting and so more adults have an opportunity to volunteer so we can maintain a local community legacy. The tools below are a variety of resources available to assist with planning your recruitment efforts. 
Roles in Recruitment

See the roles and responsibilities of the Council, Districts, and Units in providing an opportunity for community members to join and experience Scouting.

Recruitment Playbook

Steps to effective recruiting. It’s best to be prepared to have what a short pitch on what it is a troop does and other high-level information.

Recruitment Speaking Points

The 5 W’s and how of our recruitment. When the recruitment ends, the Scouting adventure begins.

Sample Recruitment Event Agenda

Coming Soon...

Recruitment Night

See what our goal first experience for new families is - from conducting the signup night, to enrolling adult leaders, and incentive items for our new Scouts and Units.

Flyer Request

Request #Discoveryourpath recruitment flyers! Let’s help new families join the fun. With these recruiting materials, invite families to join us in the outdoors.

Unit Social Media Guide

Learn the most effective ways to promote your unit through social media and how to request council provided digital marketing.

Recruitment Library

Find Scouts BSA recruitment library of resources and templates. Use recruitment tools, and find helpful links to increase your impact to the community.