Strategic Plan 2022-2024

  • Families will look first to Scouting for leadership and character development
  • Every youth will have the opportunity to participate and have meaningful growth experiences
  • We will serve 65,000 youth 
  • We will fully endow our operational overhead
  • We will contribute annually $2,000,000 for property improvements
  • We will have 100% of our adult volunteers engaged and trained
  • Scouting will be the #1 provider of service to our communities

Grand Canyon Council 5-Year Strategic Plan

Our Initiatives: critical to fulfilling our mission and implementing our strategy


Ambition: Continuous growth and retention of our membership

Key Strategies:

  • Build and strengthen relationships with community partners, existing charter partners and the educational community
  • Create a culture of unit growth supported by appropriate volunteer and staff leadership
  • Provide timely relevant resources to volunteers empowering them to welcome all youth and families into a fun, welcoming environment

Metrics: Indicators that reflect successful implementation of our strategy

By December 31, 2024 …

M1 Report annually on number of packs attending Back to Pack Training and packs hosting Back to Pack events.

M2 Report annually on

  1.  number of units hosting Join Scouting Nights
  2.  units using council plan/resources
  3.  number of new youth recruited per unit

M3 Increase number of units receiving logged Unit Commissioner visits by 10% per year and by 12/31/23 all units will have

documented detailed assessments completed annually.

M4 Increase total units in GCC by 10% annually (as of 12/31)

M5 Report quarterly on unit’ demographics with respect to overall demographic makeup of council. Include race/ethnicity and gender in reporting.


Ambition: Deliver attractive, relevant programs that will be deemed best choice for youth leadership development

Key Strategies:

  • Develop a proactive media strategy to establish a significance presence in our community and promote Scouting as a safe, inclusive place for everyone
  • Develop a helpful hub of resources to support units
  • Offer robust and exciting programs appropriate to all membership levels
  • Establish comprehensive properties plan in support of program and financial needs

Metrics: Indicators that reflect successful implementation of our strategy

By December 31, 2024 …

P1 By 12/31/22, create and make available via website a new unit leader resource toolkit.

P2 Increase youth advancement by 3% annually.

P3 Increase attendance at GCC long-term and short-term camps by 3% annually. Include all overnight programs tracked in BlackPug system.

P4 Develop comprehensive GCC marketing plan by 3/31/22.

P5 Districts to submit at least one monthly press release to GCC in support of overall marketing efforts.

P6 By 3/31/22, integrate a “net promoter score” type measurement system for all GCC overnight events.

P7 By 12/31/22, develop comprehensive usage plan for all GCC properties.

Human Capital

Ambition: Recognized as the organization with the best trained and most engaged volunteer and staff leadership team in the

communities we serve

Key Strategies:

  • Develop a comprehensive volunteer and staff development strategy resulting in enhanced capacity of council, districts, and units
  • Our adult volunteer and staff leadership will reflect the communities we serve
  • Provide tools to districts and units to help them more effectively achieve their missions

Metrics: indicators that reflect successful implementation of our strategy

By December 31, 2024 …

HC1 All Nominating Committees will include at least 2 diverse members and at least one member currently not involved in Scouting.

HC2 All district and council program events will include training for adults, when possible.

HC3 Employ Zoom-type technologies for all district and council meetings (board meetings, district committee, roundtable, merit badge

instruction, etc.).

HC4 GCC Scouters will be trained in all Scouting roles in which they are registered.

HC5 By 6/30/22, build strategy and operational plan to recruit, train, and retain volunteers at council committee and Commissioner


HC6 Council and district leadership (volunteer and staff) composition will evolve to more closely reflect the community we strive to serve. Provide quarterly reporting on composition of district and council human resources.

Fund Development

Ambition: Secure financial resources to operate our organization in an environment of sustained growth

Key Strategies:

  • Communicate financial positions transparently
  • Establish a comprehensive operating, capital, and endowment fund development plan that includes well-designed and highly effective fundraising programs led by volunteers and guided by highly competent staff
  • Build council and district human capital for fundraising

Metrics: indicators that reflect successful implementation of our strategy

By December 31, 2024 …

FD1 Through council newsletter, report quarterly on financial status and progress of council.

FD2 Grow number of donors and overall fundraising by 10%, annually.

FD3 Update comprehensive fundraising plan, annually.

FD4 100% of council and district Scouters will support our annual fundraising campaign.

FD5 Update and present annual fund-raising plan in conjunction with approval of upcoming annual budget.