Discover Your Path with Arizona’s Premiere Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Camp Geronimo is Located at the heart of Tonto National Forest, Geronimo is Pine-rimmed and formidable.  Geronimo summer camp empowers youth with the timeless values of scouting and exposes older youth to superior leadership and vocational/technological training.  The off-season provides excellent facilities to support both unit and council-led programs such as camporees. 

R-C Scout Ranch located just outside of Payson on the headwaters of the trout stocked Christopher Creek.  Quality facilities comfortably host year-round training and outdoor adventure perfectly suited for sharing Scout skills, ethics, and challenges with your unit or family. Summer is filled with the laughter of Cub Scout Adventure Camp and winters host a variety of trainings and specialty camps. 

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Additional Council Properties

In addition to summer camps, we have two additional properties that can be used for camping and other outdoor activities. 

At the gateway to the Grand Canyon, Camp Raymond is a robust springboard for traditional outdoor challenges in nearby canyons, mountains, and lakes.. Each of our campsites are located under tall, cool ponderosa pine trees and most sites are only a short walk from the center of camp. All campsites have picnic tables, latrines, washstands and a flagpole. Available by reservation only. 

The Heard Scout Pueblo is located on South Mountain just minutes from one of the Nation’s largest international airports, the Heard Scout Pueblo is the scouting ambassador of the Grand Canyon Council.  Five hundred acres of pristine Sonoran Desert and an iconic, multi-faceted facility invites meaningful partnerships with tribal, corporate, educational, social, and cultural interests.