Roles of the Council, District, and Unit in Recruitment Drives​
Council Responsibilities​
  • ​Provide the recruitment plan and resources to grow Scouting throughout the council.​
    • Develop and provide relevant helpful resources to units through district volunteers including;
      • Training and Signup event templates.
      • Marketing materials.
    • Cultivate council level relationships to increase visibility and opportunities for recruitment events
    • Fund the recruitment efforts.
District Responsibilities​
  • Serve as the conduit of information and resources to units from the council.​
    • Present district level trainings and share available resources with all units.
  • And provide results, feedback and status updates to the council from the units.​
    • Verify the Scouting Footprint of our units to identify which communities recruitments are needed in.
    • Gather recruitment planning information so marketing materials can be provided in advance of events.
    • Collect results and feedback from units so all youth are registered in a timely fashion and improvements to the council plan can be made quickly enough to positively impact unit growth.
  • Support unit recruitment events through the presence and participation of a district volunteer.​
Unit Responsibilities
  • Grow the local community Scouting Program utilizing the council recruitment plan and best practices.​
  • Ensure all eligible youth within the units Scouting Footprint are provided an appropriate opportunity to join Scouting​.