Contact Us

Contact Us
For all questions and inquiries pertaining to your BSA Scouting journey:

Dave Alexander Scout Service Center
8840 E Chaparral Rd Suite 200
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
9:00am-5:00pm (M-F)
Council Committees

Program committees, and special projects and events shape the opportunities available to our Scouts and adult Scouters throughout Arizona. These special events, camps, and programs cannot happen without the support of community volunteers willing to share their experiences and passions by coordinating events and learning opportunities for Scouts!

Mesa Scout Shop
1061 N. Dobson road Suite 109
Mesa, Arizona 85201
Have your order gathered, bagged, and set aside for you to either pickup in-store, contactless curbside, or have the items shipped to you!

The Scout Shop can have your order ready for pickup when you arrive using our new, paperwork free process! Simply Click here and follow these easy steps!

The Grand Canyon Council’s Scout Shop prides itself in being more than just a store. We know Scouting! Let us answer your questions and keep you informed!

Scout Shop Hours:

Monday: 10am-6pm
Tuesday: 10am-6pm
Wednesday: 10am-6pm
Thursday: 10am-6pm
Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm
*Sunday: 11am-3pm

Support Services:

Ali Gott
602-955-7747, ext 221

Kathy Coleman
602-955-7747, ext 223

Marketing Assistant
Tarryn Hutchison
602-955-7747, ext 226

Accounting Assistant
Maria Meneses
602-955-7747, ext 240

Office Manager
Amanda Foster
602-955-7747, ext 228

Scout Executive
Andy Price
602-955-7747, ext 245

Program and Properties Support Services:

Program Business Administrator
Carly Farr
602-955-7747, ext 239

Asst. Director of Support Services
Nick Hutchinson
602-955-7747, ext 204

Program Assistant
Kevin Majka
602-955-7747, ext 247

Director of Support Services
Greg Harmon
602-955-7747, ext 253

Program Executive
Brendan Switts
602-955-7747, ext 229

Development Support:

CDO/Director of Development
Andrew Dilliner
602-955-7747, ext 232

Development Officer
Nikki White
602-955-7747, ext 218

Director of Donor Engagement
Dave Jarvis
602-955-7747, ext 241

Development Admin
Special Events Coordinator
Jenn Hedgepeth
602-955-7747, ext 206

Field Services Support:

Field Services Assistant
Riely Bradley
602-955-7747, ext 255

Field Director
Matt Hill

Director of Field Services
Davis Fox
602-955-7747, ext 251

Unit Support District Executives:

Central District Executive
Ty Simonian
602-955-7747, ext 257

Gila River District Executive
Davis Fox
602-955-7747, ext 251

Lost Dutchman District Executive
Abby Lyon
602-955-7747, ext 218

Pinnacle Peak District
Chris Bosn
602-955-7747, ext 257

Ponderosa Senior District Executive
Patrick Gamble

Sonoran Sunset District Executive
Steven Nazaruk
602-955-7747, ext 250


Camp Geronimo
Camp Ranger
Chris Baughman

The Heard Scout Pueblo
Camp Ranger
Alex Evans

R-C Scout Ranch
Camp Ranger
Craig Burkholder

Camp Raymond
Camp Ranger
Rick Brown