Geronimo Endowment Fund (GEF)


Grand Canyon Council has a strong commitment to ensure high quality camping facilities and outdoor adventures are available to all Scouts and desires to continue the operation of Camp Geronimo long into the future. Through the establishment of a permanently-restricted camp maintenance endowment fund, stakeholders (current and former Scouts, former summer camp staffers, and all who care about camp) can help cover the annual operating costs related to the operation of Camp Geronimo without ever decreasing permanent gifts made to this fund. 

Giving Levels: 

  • *$5,000,000 “Your Name Here”  
  • *$1,000,000  Geronimo Fellow 
  • *$500,000 Mogollon Fellow 
  • *$100,000 Spade Ranch Fellow 
  • $25,000 Highline Trail Fellow 
  • $15,000 Webber Creek Fellow 
  • $10,000 Wrangler
  • $5,000 Hiker  
  • $1,000 Camper 
  • Other 

 *For gifts greater than $25,000 please contact Director of Donor Engagement, Dave Jarvis,, 602-955-7747, ext 241 


Commemorative Council Shoulder Patch

All donors who contribute $250 or more will receive a CSP specially designed for the GEF.

Annual Donor Picnic

All donors who contribute $1,000 or more to the GEF will be invited to an annual picnic at Camp Geronimo where past and new donors will be recognized for their support.

James E. West Fellowship

Gifts of $1,000 – $24,999 will also be recognized with a James E. West fellowship commensurate to the level of their gift.

Second Century Society

Gifts of $25,000 – $99,999 or more will also be recognized as Second Century Society member commensurate to the level of their gift.

Custom Recognition

Gifting levels $5,000 and above will receive 10 customized CSP’s designed for the GEF.

A gift of $5,000,000 or more will provide the donor to add their name, or a name of their choosing to the fund – for example “The Joe Scouter Endowment Fund supporting Camp Geronimo”.