Scouts BSA Recruitment Speaking Points
 The 5 W’s & 1 H of Our Recruitment

Why: Strengthen our troops, identify more adult volunteers, grow Scouting to help better our communities. 

Who: 5th and 6th graders (regardless of Cub Scout Experience). 

What: Hands on activity with the purpose of involving new youth into Scout troops. 

When: In April (if on a weeknight, start after 6:00pm and avoid Monday and Friday). 

Where: At a local School, or Park. (Churches can be intimidating as a first exposure to a group.) 

How: By hosting a 30-minute hands on activity where youth experience the fun of Scouting and parents learn the values. (Pro Tip: This is a great opportunity to demonstrate and teach safe use of the Hot Spark that will be given to all Scouts who join at the event) 

Ensure there is appropriate information for new families (provided Troop Calendar Template). Are upcoming calendar events easy for new families to participate in (how strenuous is the next campout)? Do families know about financial needs for summer camp (and about assistance available to them)? 

 Recruiting The New Families

At the recruitment event create a welcoming environment that meets the family’s needs to join. 

• Ask existing Scout families to be present and helpful, give them a specific role, new families will feel better supported and welcomed. 

• Invite a Scouter who is not with your troop to attend and support the recruitment. A district committee member or commissioner are ideal candidates. 

• Have a sign in sheet (Provided) so you can follow up with and potential Scout families who do not complete an application. 

• Provide new families a welcome packet that includes the meeting schedule, contact list, calendar, and costs expected. Be ready to share the expectations of families as volunteers in your Troop. 

• Online applications are quicker, easier, and more accurate. Be sure to have troop applications turned on with by updating the troop profile at (Have backup paper applications on hand just in case). 

• Give Hot Sparks to all New Scouts who join at the event.  

 Welcoming New Families

When the Recruitment ends, the Scouting adventure begins. 

• Have an existing Scout family follow up with the new families within a week of them joining to help answer any new questions, and make sure they know about the upcoming parent orientation and activities. 

• Within 30 days, deliver the promise of Scouting. An outdoor activity is important to remind families about the excitement they felt when they joined and remember why they are participating and volunteering. 

Resources For Troops

Recruitment Tools are available at no Cost to Troops through District Executives.

Be sure to request these items at least 3 weeks before the event. 

Scout to Friend Invitations:

  • Previously Called Buddy Cards; these invitations are given from a Scout to a friend providing a personal touch to invite them to a new Scout event 

• Facebook Ads (Geo-Fenced):

  • Geographically targeted advertisements inviting families to attend local troop events 
  • (Updated BeAScout pins and online applications are needed for this service) 

• Other marketing with the support of your District Executive:

  • Flyers 
  • E-flyers 
  • Scout Talks