Support Scouting

Support Scouting

In this video Andy Price gives an update on recent decisions made by the Grand Canyon Council, as well as the plan for the next year of Scouting. Grand Canyon Council has a policy of being open and frank about our situation.

There are a lot of tough times ahead, and difficult decisions are being made to ensure that Scouting continues in Arizona.


Friends of Scouting

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Overall Finance

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Financial details for Council

Alumni Association

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Scouting Alumni, and Eagle Association

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Donate to GCC and get a tax credit.


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Why Support Scouting

Character, values, and leadership don’t just happen. Scouting is a proven blueprint for success. From Cub Scouts through Venturing, this blueprint prepares young people to live and lead in a world more and more at odds with the simple yet timeless values of the Scout Oath and Law.

The Grand Canyon Council leads the way as one of the nation’s largest Scout councils, serving youth through an incredibly dedicated body of volunteers. These youth are all lead to be prepared and make the ethical and moral choices written in the Scout Oat and Law.

For over 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America has been a place for the youth of the community to learn invaluable skills and lessons they would otherwise not have access to.

How your contributions help

As a nonprofit organization, the Boy Scouts of America relies on the generosity of charitable donations to support its ongoing operations.

Each gift, regardless of size, provides invaluable funding for Grand Canyon Council programs that benefit Scouts here in Arizona.

Donations provide a huge range of help from keeping the lights on at the Council office, bringing food to camps, equipment for various sports and activities, and providing insurance to protect our volunteers.

The True Cost of Scouting can only be covered by the generous support of our community.

Ways to support Grand Canyon Council

Friends of Scouting

1993 Society​

To commemorate the year in which the original Grand Canyon Council merged with Theodore Roosevelt Council to form the Council as we know of it today, we have created the 1993 Society.

The 1993 Society provides support that will allow Grand Canyon Council to continue to provide services and opportunities to the youth of Arizona for years to come.


$19.93/month to Friends of Scouting
(total annual gift of $239.16)

Bronze members will receive a members-only plaque indicating membership in the 1993 Society with room for an annual plate to be displayed.


$66.43/month to Friends of Scouting
(total annual gift of $797.20).

Silver members will receive a members-only silver plate indicating membership in the 1993 Society with room for an annual plate to be displayed.


$1,993/annual to Friends of Scouting

Gold members will receive a members-only gold plate indicating membership in the 1993 Society with room for an annual plate to be displayed., and a lapel pin showing membership in the 1993 Society.

Eagle Society

Grand Canyon Council’s Eagle Society recognizes our supporters who have made significant impacts to our Scouting program successes through our annual Friends of Scouting campaign.


$5,000 – $9,999


$10,000 – $24,999


$25,000 +

Each member will receive a personalized Eagle Society statue indicating membership, appropriate for prominent display in the home or office, as well as an annual invitation to a special members-only social event for the member and a guest.

Matching Gifts

As a volunteer who gives time to Scouting you know how valuable the program is. Did you know many employers also value the time you spend and will donate based on the time you volunteer?

Here’s a list of the many different ways you company could match the time you donate:

  • Direct cash grants/gifts to nonprofits
  • Sponsorships of fundraising events
  • In kind donations of product/services
  • Workplace/employee giving programs
  • Loans of employee talent
  • Employee volunteer programs
  • Partnerships with nonprofits/causes

Be sure to speak to your Human Resources department, as they could be willing to participate.

James E. West Endowment

The James E. West Fellowship Award is a national recognition for individuals who contribute $1,000 or more in cash or marketable securities to the Council’s Endowment Trust Fund. 

This gift must be in addition to and not replace or diminish the donor’s annual Friends of Scouting support.  Many individuals and organizations make these gifts on behalf of someone else such as in honor of an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver recipient, Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, a retirement, a special accomplishment, or anniversary or in memory of a special individual. 

The James E. West Fellowship Award is recognized with a personalized certificate, a distinctive lapel pin and an exclusive knot for the uniform.


Diamond Level -$15,000
Gold Level – $10,000
Silver Level – $5,000
Bronze Level – $1,000



Amazon Smile

Amazon is a fast an easy way to get your shopping done and now, a way to support the Grand Canyon Council! Through Amazon Smile, 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases will be donated to the Grand Canyon Council. By visiting Amazon Smile you’ll be prompted to enter your amazon credentials and select a charity you wish to donate to. After that, your Amazon shopping experience will be just as usual!

Click here to sign up with Amazon Smile


Other Ways to Support Scouting

Memorial Tribute & Celebration Gifts

The Memorial Tribute & Celebration Gift donation if for anyone who has felt the positive impact of Scouting on their life. This fund offers the opportunity to honor someone while providing necessary support for the Boys Scouts of America.

Tributes can be made for Scouts achieving the Eagle Scout rank, Silver Beavers, graduates from college and military academics, birthdays, special anniversaries or any other special occasion in a family’s or individual’s life, or a death in the family or of a good friend.

A special memorial tribute card will be sent to the person designated, and the honoree recognized on our website

Bequests and Revocable Gifts

To recognize the Boy Scouts of America in your legacy is a great service to your community’s youth.

This can be done through wills, living trusts, life insurance, IRA’s, retirement plans, and bank or brokerage accounts.

The following PDF gives a basic overview of naming the Grand Canyon Council under any of these bequests.

If you decide to donate in this capacity, please seek legal counsel to review and advise.

Bequests and Revocable Gifts PDF

BSA License Plate

Order Your Boy Scouts of Arizona License Plate

  • Online: Click here
  • In Person: Visit your nearest MVD office or visit an MVD Authorized Third Party office. To locate the nearest office click here.

Note: Third Party offices may charge additional fees.

Boy Scouts of Arizona License Plate Fees:

  • The annual fee:  $25
  • Personalize your new plate for an additional $25 annual fee.
  • Plates may be personalized in up to six letters/numbers – be creative!
  • Mailing fee for your personalized plate is $3
  • The Boy Scouts of Arizona disability license plate is also available in either a standard or personalized format and contains five letters/numbers. Fees are the same.
  • Grand Canyon Council will receive $17 of the annual $25 specialty license plate fee
Car Donation

One Car One Difference is helping you get rid of vehicles you no longer have a use for and donating the proceeds straight the Grand Canyon Council! This vehicle donation program is an excellent way to support your local Scouts with the following steps:

  • Contact One Car One Difference at 855-272-1227

  • They will arrange to pick up your vehicle and have it cleaned before presenting it at the nearest auction

  • After the vehicle has sold, they will send you a receipt for tax purposes

  • They collect the proceeds and deliver to the council you specify, in this case the Grand Canyon Council

Any questions regarding the donation process or IRS rules, please contact One Car One Difference directly at

Outright Gifts

To recognize the Boy Scouts of America through an outright gift is a great service to your community’s youth.

This can be done through cash, stock, tangible property, homes, land, farms, bargain sales, gift sales, life estates, and IRA charitable rollovers.

The following PDF gives a basic overview of naming the Grand Canyon Council under any of these gifts. If you decide to donate in this capacity, please seek legal counsel to review and advise.

Outright Gifts PDF