Cub Scouts Recruitment Toolbox

Why We Recruit
Scouting provides life changing opportunities for youth, families, and our communities at large. Welcoming new families is vital to ensure these traits continue on in our Neighborhoods. A recruitment event provides an opportunity to speak to the families of the new Scouts. We recruit so that more youth can grow from Scouting and so more adults have an opportunity to volunteer so we can maintain a local community legacy. The tools below are a variety of resources available to assist with planning your recruitment efforts. 
Roles in Recruitment

View the roles and responsibilities of the Council, Districts, and Units in providing an opportunity for community members to join and experience Scouting.

Recruitment Timeline

See WHO is working on WHAT and WHEN to help have the most impactful "New Scout Sign-Up" Season.

Unit Social Media Guide

Learn the most effective ways to promote your unit through social media and how to request council provided digital marketing.

The Sign-Up Night

From conducting the Sign-up night, to enrolling more adult leaders, and incentive items for our new Scouts and Packs. Learn more about the ideal first-experience for new families is.

Promoting Your Event

The latest in 2023 recruitment materials. Reach out to new families and get excited for another great year! Here are resources to promote and engage interested families.

Recruitment Library

View the video library to learn how to use recruitment tools, and find helpful links to increase your impact to the community.

Back to Pack

The “Back to Pack” Concept Each fall, Cub Scout Packs get a “fresh start” as they welcome in brand

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Flyer Request

Unit Flyer Request The latest in 2023 recruitment materials! Resources to promote your event and engage interested

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