Cub Scouts Recruitment Library

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The "Back to Pack" Concept

The “Back to the Pack” concept is an effort to get all returning Cub Scouts and their parents reengaged before recharter and recruitment begins, filling both dens and leadership vacancies. 

Ideal Year of Scouting Planning Guide

Providing a year-round, quality Scouting program should be the goal of every Scouting unit.  Ideal Year of Scouting helps you develop an annual program plan, a budget to go along with that plan, and a fundraising plan to reach your program goals. The result is a well-managed, well-financed Scouting unit. 

Scout Talk

Scout Talk with Dax

Scout Talk with Pablo - En Español

Scout Talk Cub Scouts

Scout Talk with Eden

Helpful Links to Increase Your Impact to the Community: