The Program Enrichment Group is looking for leaders!

This is an opportunity to learn more about how Scouting works, influence and guide future programming, and have a great time!

This group steers many of the programs and activities throughout our Council. This is an opportunity to learn more about how Scouting works, influence and guide future programming, and have a great time while working with other volunteers and our youth! We could use leadership for both ongoing committee roles and for one-time projects to help our camps and youth.

Here are some of the opportunities available:

Cub Scouts – If you love Cub Scout programs, younger Scouts, and building single to multi-day day camps or single-day adventure days, the Cub Scout Program Support Committee may be a great place for you to lead! Our goal is to help districts launch some exciting events and boost Council opportunities. We need leaders for Pinewood Derbies, Rain-gutter Regattas, Holiday at the Heard and more!

Scouts BSA
Our goal is to offer some new twists to our existing programs!

Scouts BSA – We would love to identify programs that your Scouts, boy or girl, will love and enjoy. If you would like to help support these programs, we would love for you to serve on our Scouts BSA program support committee. Our goal is to offer some new twists to our existing programs. We are also looking for short term tasks such as volunteers to assist with camporees, hosting an activity at a camporee, and merit badge counselors, particularly those interested in possibly using Zoom to instruct Scouts in rural parts of the state without easy access to counselors.

Venturing, Sea Scouting and Exploring – Our senior youth officers always could use support with planning events for Scouts 14+. This requires a willingness to let the youth lead, mentoring, and is incredibly rewarding. We are also looking for volunteers to host an activity at senior youth events. Help us bring energy to our senior youth programs!

Activities and Civic Service – Do you like serving and building relationships with the community? Are you interested in helping Scouts get better integrated with the public? We need folks who know their communities and the unique activities they do to help create a resource page for unit leaders and Scouts to discover what there is to do in their community! We are looking for both a few folks to coordinate and for everyone to send suggestions for inclusion.

Advancement – Would you like to help Scouts take their next steps toward Arrow of Light, Eagle, or towards a more unique recognition that few others have earned? Advancement is the place for you. We need leaders interested in learning how to review Eagle projects, certify applications, lead Eagle Scout Boards of Review, or just resource unit advancement chairs when they have questions. We are also looking for individuals with teaching skills in our summer camp activity areas to help us add more interest to our curricula for our camps!

Properties – our council properties can use lots of tender care to improve them for our youth and keep them viable for decades to come. We are looking for electricians, plumbers, contractors, landscapers and other skilled trades who would be interested in donating a weekend to improving our camps.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) – do these words make your heart race with the excitement of discovery? If so, we are looking for STEM counselors (people who mentor youth working on the Nova or Supernova awards) or to host science activities at events or for interested units.

Camping and Outdoor Programs
Plans and supports our summer camps and outdoor activities!

Camping and Outdoor Programs – this is the group that plans and supports our summer camps and outdoor activities! Its activities include:

Aquatics – everyone loves splashing in a pool. We need volunteers who would like to teach swimming, SCUBA, kayaking, white water, paddle craft, or even just help watch the pool to let these events occur. We are also looking for folks with lifeguard instructor, water safety instructor or similar credentials that might help us add some aquatic adventures to future program offerings!

Campmasters – Campmasters are volunteers who assist the camp ranger by checking in troops and providing simple assistance to help units enjoy their camp experience. Two weekends a year!

Conservation/Outdoor Ethics – help us promote Scouting’s conservation awards and outdoor ethics program. We need individuals to learn the program and promote at roundtables or to units, conservation professionals to advise youth or review applications or help with conservation plans for our camps, to folks willing to become Leave No Trace trainers!

Shooting Sports – do you like to shoot? We are looking for NRA or similar shooting sports instructors, archery instructors to help run an occasional weekend program. You could help us start a shooting competition! We could also use a gunsmith to check and repair our firearms to keep them safe and shooting straight!

Training is how we help each other succeed in Scouting!

Training – Training is how we help each other succeed in Scouting! We are looking for individuals interested in helping out at training events like Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) or Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills, teaching a class at the University of Scouting’s Baden-Powell College, staffing Wood Badge or National Youth Leadership Training courses, or even coaching trainers and camp counselors in teaching skills. If you have a unique passion or experience that you would like to lend to other Scouters, this is a place for you.

Marketing and communications – help council program reach its constituents with catchy, fun flyers, social media campaigns and bring Scouting to life for our families and Scouts! We are looking for folks to help with a single event, a camp, or with our whole program promotional effort!

As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities in Grand Canyon Council programs. We need YOU to live up to our full potential and deliver the best program to our youth. If interested, please drop a note to Eric Hiser, the council VP for Program at

We look forward to hearing from you.