Halloween at the Heard Scout Pueblo

The Cub Scout Activity Committee had its first event, and it was a great success! The Halloween Spectacular had 15 carnival booths with activities such as Plinko, spider toss, fishing for balloons, bucket skull toss, fortune telling, can knock down, balloon pop, punch the pumpkin, frisbee ring toss and so much more. We had 6 arts and crafts to choose from, Frankenstein plates, spider webs, popsicle faces, and of course wand making for all our Harry Potter fans. We had fun activities like mini golf, skull basketball, and boo bombs to play and keep everyone entertained.

Food for the evening included Gruesome finger hot dog meals with chips, soda, and Graham cookie bears. Some participants ate their food so fast they did not even realize they had just eaten a “finger. Do not forget the coolest part of the evening was campfire with the best Wizard DJ and Bumblebee. We kicked it off with family photos with the Bumblebee, we had a costume contest, campfire, skits and smores.

So much fun was had at our first ever Cub Event and many compliments go out to the staff and volunteers of this group that made it all happen. Thank you to our staff, volunteers, and participants for being so considerate of each other and following the COVID plan. All our booths, activities, and crafts, as everyone can attest to, were spread out over the entire Heard area from the Grand Ramada to the campfire ring. There was plenty of room to roam the camp safely!

We were disappointed to have interest in the event after the registration cutoff date. We were deeply sorry that some families missed the registration deadline, and we hope that our families will make sure to register for upcoming events by the closing date!

We have many upcoming events and hope you will seize the opportunity to attend! November 21 and 22 are our Cub Scout Shooting Sports Days, December 5th is our Geocaching across the Council at parks throughout the state, and December 19th will feature our Holiday at the Heard adventure day! Keep an eye out on all the fun events at and