Bill Nelson

Council Advancement and Recognition Committee Chairman Grand Canyon Council

Council advancement and recognition committee is responsible for implementing and facilitating advancement and processing most special awards and recognitions.

This is done according to national procedures and local practices under the direction of the council executive board. Advancement committees operate under the Boy Scouts of America program function. They cooperate with the other program function elements— outdoor programs, activities and civic service, and training—and also with the membership, finance, and unit-service functions.

Merit Badge Counseling

A merit badge counselor serves as both a teacher and mentor as Scouts work on a merit badge.  In one way, he or she is an examiner.  In a larger sense, the counselor uses this opportunity for coaching – helping young men overcome the hurdles of the different requirements and making Scouts aware of the deeper aspects of the subject from their knowledge and experience.  Because of these unique opportunities to serve Scouts, volunteering as a merit badge counselor is one of the most gratifying experiences for adults in Scouting today.

Steps in Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor:

1.  READ THIS FIRST: GCC Merit Badge Counselor Guide

2.  Fully fill out an adult application. For position enter code 42. You are the only one who needs to sign it. Don’t forget to sign the disclosure authorization form.

3.  Read about the special requirements for counseling certain merit badges.

4.  Fill out the Merit Badge Counselor Information sheet which tells us which badges you would like to counsel.

5.  Youth Protection Training certificate. Create an account or log into click on Youth Protection, on the right, then take Youth Protection Training. Save the certificate you receive from the course.

6.   Send all these forms to or fax them to: 602-955-0570 

7.  Take the on-line Merit Badge Counselor training.  To take it, log into  , click on the BSA Learn Center icon on the right; click on Program; click on Scouts BSA; click on Merit Badge Counselor Training.