Eagle Paperwork Portal

By using this portal you are uploading the documents that are required for an Eagle Candidate to obtain Council certification and eventually the rank of Eagle scout.

Documents to upload here are as follows:

  • Finalized Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. (With before and after pictures)

  • Proposal and Final signature pages if they have been filled out electronically and are separate.

  • Eagle Scout Rank Application filled out and and signed by Scout, Leader and Committee Chair, with the exception of lines BSA LOCAL COUNCIL VERIFICATION, Requirement 7, and Scout Executive.

  • Statement of Ambitions, Life’s purposes and Leadership positions.

  • Scouts BSA history report from Scoutbook or Internet Advancement as a secondary reference.

  • Fundraising application if used.

  • Reference letters – These will be uploaded by the individuals you have asked as a reference.

  • Extension letter if requirements were completed after 18th birthdate. (If granted)

After you have uploaded all of your documents: