Eagle Scout Process

The steps required to advance from Life Scout to Eagle Scout can seem to be confusing and difficult, but the process is actually very well structured. There are a series of steps to be followed, outlined in the files and guides below. Simply download each item, follow the instructions, and let us know if you have any questions! 

Overview and Summary (please watch)

  1. Electronic Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
    pages of the workbook that the Scout must fill in.

  2. Proposal Signature Page Fillable
    This is the proposal approval page with digital signatures. If used, download and open in Adobe Acrobat, insert your digital signature in the appropriate spot, save the page and sent it back to the Eagle candidate.

    Once you have filled out your proposal page – be sure contact, and attach your approval page to your local District Advancement Chair. 

  3. Final Signature Page Fillable

    This is the Final signature page from the workbook, not the proposal, For electronic signatures of the final report, (Candidate, Beneficiary, Leader) If used, download and open in Adobe Acrobat, insert your digital signature in the appropriate spot, save the page and sent it back to the Eagle candidate.

  4. Eagle Scout Rank Application No. 512-728

    This is available already filled out from Scoutbook, Under Reports, and Eagle Application, This application must be used when applying for the Eagle Scout award. If you do not have access to Scoutbook. You must download this file to a hard disk and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  5. Statement of Ambitions, Life’s purposes and Leadership.

    In preparation for your board of review, prepare and attach to your Eagle Scout Rank Application a statement of your ambitions and life purpose and a listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community, or other organizations, during which you demonstrated leadership skills. Include honors and awards received during this service.

  6. Letter of Reference the reference letter form, six copies sent to the people listed on your Application. (Give these to your references, they will upload them to the portal, themselves.)

  7. Eagle Paperwork Portal
    (Upload your final Documents here) MAKE SURE YOU READ THE READ FIRST FILE ABOVE

  8. Formally Request your Final Review and Board of Review
    Once all of your documents are uploaded into the portal, now is the time to make your request for your final review and later your Board of Review.

Life to Eagle Process Presentation – for parents, unit leaders, and Scouts

Eagle Scout Advisor Briefing – for unit adults who assist Eagle Candidadtes

Eagle Project ideas

EAGLE SCOUT SERVICE PROJECTS: Points of Contact and Project Ideas. This is a list of contacts for Eagle Projects and Unit Service Projects.

Review examples of past projects here.

The Eagle Palm Process

Eagle Palms

After successfully completing your Eagle Scout board of review on or after Aug. 1, 2017, and being validated as an Eagle Scout by the National Service Center, you will be entitled to receive an Eagle Palm for each additional five merit badges you have completed before your Eagle Scout board of review beyond those required for Eagle. In addition, all current Scouts who completed their Eagle board of review and who had not passed their 18th birthday before Aug, 1, 2017 are entitled as well. For these Palms only, it will not be necessary for you to complete the requirements stated below.

After becoming an Eagle Scout, you may earn additional Palms by completing the following requirements.

  1. Be active in the Boy Scouts of America for at least three months after becoming an Eagle Scout or after the last Palm was earned. **

  2. Since earning the Eagle Scout rank or your last Eagle Palm, demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Tell how you have done your duty to God and how you have lived the Scout Oath and Scout Law in your everyday life.

  3. Continue to set a satisfactory example of accepting responsibility or demonstrating leadership ability.

  4. Earn five additional merit badges beyond those required for Eagle or last Palm. ***

  5. While an Eagle Scout, participate in a Scoutmaster conference. *


* For Venturers working on Boy Scout requirements, replace “Scoutmaster” with “crew Advisor.”  For Sea Scouts working on Boy Scout requirements, replace “Scoutmaster” with “Skipper.”

**Eagle Palms must be earned in sequence, and the three-month tenure requirement must be observed for each Palm.

***Merit badges earned any time since becoming a Boy Scout may be used to meet this requirement.

Eagle Scout Scholarships

If you are an Eagle Scout and you are looking for funds for post-secondary education, you have come to the right place.

Education is a valuable tool for a young man regardless of what kind of career he chooses. Yet, finances can be a big hurdle in attaining the necessary knowledge for one’s future vocation.

Fortunately, National Eagle Scout Association assists Eagle Scouts with their educational pursuits whether it be at a four-year university, vocational trade school or field study opportunities.

Click here to see scholarship opportunities. 

Military Order of the World Wars Eagle Certificate Presentation

The Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) proudly supports the Boy Scouts of America and their Eagle Scout  program.

This support emanates from the Resolutions of Cooperation between the National Headquarters of MOWW and BSA. This support includes MOWW providing an embossed certificate and a presentation folder to the recipients of the Eagle Scout award at no cost to the scouting organization.  To request that your Eagle Certificate be presented by a member of MOWW or to have a certificate mailed to you, please complete and submit this form.

Military Order of the World Wars was established in 1919 by the General of the Armies, John J. Pershing.  His belief was that a military officer, upon leaving active duty, give back to the community.   MOWW is serving America’s youth by sponsoring the Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) programs for high school students to attend.  These are held in the summer and typically at a university or college campus.  The YLC is a national program that teaches these young high school students principals of democracy, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, civic responsibilities associated with preserving American rights, along with learning, developing speaking, writing and leadership skills.

Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year

The National Eagle Scout Association established the Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout service project of the year award (ESSPY) to recognize valuable service of an exceptional nature by an Eagle Scout candidate to a religious institution, a school, community ,or other entity through completion of an Eagle Scout project.

Examples of projects that have been selected for the ESSPY include projects that have benefited underprivileged children, recognized veterans, been international in nature, and have required significant time and resources.

The selection of recipients begins at the local level and is conducted through the council NESA committee. The council NESA committee selects a recipient for their respective council from the list of submitted nominations and then forwards a worthy candidate to the National Eagle Scout Association for regional consideration.


Regional ESSPY recipients are selected by each council’s regional NESA scholarship committee. Regional recipients will receive $500, to be available for their future educational purposes or to attend a national or international Scouting event or facility.

The recipient of the national award is then selected among regional recipients by a special selection committee of the National Eagle Scout Association. National recipients will receive $2,500, to be available for their future educational purposes or to attend a national or international Scouting event or facility.

Please submit your applications to Grand Canyon Council to GCC.Development@scouting.org by December 31, 2022. Click Here to download the application.

If you have questions, please email us at GCC.Development@scouting.org

Bill Nelson 

Council Advancement and Recognition Committee Chairman 

Grand Canyon Council | gccadvancement1@gmail.com 

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