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Internet Rechartering

The Internet Rechartering Portal
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Internet Rechartering

The Internet Rechartering Portal
Open now
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The Recharter Process

Our Summer 2021 recharter uses the same online chartering portal we are familiar with from years past. If this is your first time using the online re-charter portal, we encourage you to contact your unit commissioner for a walk-through of re-charter or review the resources available to you on this page. 

How-To for Online Recharter

*On-time online charters are paid online with digital approvals prior to 7/31/21. New members (Youth and Adults) join independently of recharter and adults have completed Youth Protection Training(YPT) since 8/1/19

Units are encouraged to verify all Scouts and Scouters are registered with the unit prior to beginning the online re-charter.
Online applications are strongly encouraged for all youth members who need to be added to unit rosters to both speed the process up and ensure complete accurate information is recorded. 
Online Registrations Charter Cycle
All new online registrations will pay for the rest of this charter cycle (through 7/31/21) and all of next year (7/31/22).
This is beneficial to units as they will not need to revisit new families for additional fees in a few months. The unit should list each new member on their recharter. The new member will show as “pre-paid”, so fees will not need to be collected again!
Please account for 1-week of processing time for any new youth or adult paper applications turned in to Council up through 7/15.
After this date, please account for up to 2-weeks of processing time for paper applications until recharter is complete.
District Tools
For a more in-depth review of the unit re-charter process please visit the National Council Support Page.
Commissioners, visit our Re-charter Progress Tracker (updated weekly) to see the status of the units you serve. Contact your District Commissioner for the access password.
Other Recharter Resources

Watch our Calendaring Your Scouting Year Video

Help new and returning Scouting families get excited for this next year’s Scouting program by planning ahead and taking advantage of the many Grand Canyon COuncil and District Level Programs.

Watch our Scout Unit Budgeting Video

You have the program planned, you know what events and activities you and you Scouts are interested in, now how much will it cost and how do we pay for it? This video walks through a simple tool developed for the Grand Canyon Council to help units build a budget that matches the academic year and charter cycle.

Back to Pack Preview 2021! Help your Cub Pack start the fall School year ready for adventure by hosting a “Back to Pack” event! Discover more at: Back to Pack

Updating your “pin” is simple, and it’s a good way to make sure your information is current. Click here for step-by-step guide.

The Boy Scouts of America now offers an online application process for youth and adults that can be completed from start to finish without a single piece of paper changing hands. Click here for step-by-step guide. After Re-charter is complete units will have the option to allow online applications for adult members too. 
In 2020, as in past years, units are expected to participate in Friends of Scouting to be eligible for re-charter per our volunteer executive board. Recognizing that the recharter cycle is separate from our giving cycle; A units On Track Friends of Scouting status will be evaluated by the sum of the gifts received, and the expected upcoming gifts as a result of recurring gifts. Friends of Scouting status reports are shared with the District FOS chair weekly and can be requested more frequently through District Executives.
The Grand Canyon Council is committed to providing the best experience to each of our Scouts and we believe that trained leaders are a part of that fantastic experience. Learn more about our 100% Trained Leader Initiative here.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is committed first and foremost to keeping youth safe. Part of that commitment includes continually updating our youth protection policies to help ensure we are always on the forefront of youth safety.  

As you know, one of the BSA’s many barriers to abuse is a mandatory criminal background check during the adult volunteer application process. The BSA will now also perform periodic rechecks of criminal backgrounds to support the continued safety of youth in our programs.  

All adult volunteers must complete the Background Check Disclosure form located here. Reminder notifications have been shared with adults volunteers and key unit leadership if we do not currently have a current form on file.