Adventure Aboard the USS Midway: Cub Scout Pack 603’s Overnight Experience

Cub Scout Pack 603, based out of Cave Creek and chartered with Desert Hills Presbyterian Church, recently set sail on an unforgettable adventure that allowed young Scouts to explore the rich history and fascinating nooks and crannies of the legendary USS Midway.

We connected with Tammie White, the Committee Chair for Pack 603, to get the inside scoop on their overnight experience. 

Cub Scout Pack 603’s adventure on the USS Midway, aptly named the “Snooze Crewz,” brought together 26 brave Scouts who embraced an unseasonably warm October night in San Diego. The USS Midway allowed these young adventurers to sleep in iconic coffin bunks, making their stay on this historic aircraft carrier a truly unique experience. 

Tammie White recounted the excitement of their visit, “After a 3-hour tour, climbing flights of stairs from the top of the flight tower down to the turbine room below sea level on the behind-the-scenes after-hours tour, I think most of us slept soundly.” 

To secure their spot on the USS Midway, Cub Scout Pack 603 had to plan well in advance. As Tammie White explained, “Due to the popularity of the program, we made our USS Midway reservations nearly a year in advance, and it was worth the wait.” 

The event was made even more special by the enthusiastic USS Midway crew, a mix of active-duty volunteers (seasoned Armed Forces Veterans) and USS Midway employees. Their patience with the Scouts as they explored the ship’s intricate workings and pressed every button and knob was greatly appreciated. 

The tour was filled with awe-inspiring moments. Scouts got to delve into the ship’s history and the complexity of life aboard the USS Midway. Tammie White shared her own interest in the experience, “Most fascinating to me personally was learning about the hierarchy aboard an aircraft carrier and visiting the Marine Detachment quarters – MARDET – and learning about their role aboard ship and on land.” 

The event also offered glimpses of the USS Midway’s future. Declassified artifacts from the ship’s active-duty days were gradually being brought back and put on display, promising even more exciting adventures for future visitors. 

The Scouts themselves had a blast. One Scout remarked, “Free time exploring helicopters was the best,” while another said, “I loved riding in the Top Gun jet with my Dad.” The hands-on experience of “pushing all the buttons” was a favorite for many. 

Tammie White also shared her delight in watching the Scouts soak up the rich history, appreciating the opportunity to learn about the ship’s past. The night’s snacks were kid-friendly, and breakfast options were plentiful. Plus, nothing quite compares to the joy of watching the sun rise over San Diego from the flight deck with a warm cup of military coffee. 

As Cub Scout Pack 603 returned from their Snooze Crewz adventure, they brought back more than just memories. The experiences offered new ideas for games and activities. Tammie White shared one such plan, “On our next campout, we’ll be practicing flight deck landing flag sequences as a call-and-response type of game with the Cubs.”  

The USS Midway Overnight left a lasting impression on Pack 603, offering a unique blend of history, adventure, and unforgettable moments.