Exploring Citizenship at Make-A-Wish Arizona

Troop 329 and Troop 3329 Explore Make-A-Wish Arizona, Learn About Cultural Diversity, and Gain Insights from CEO Fran Mallace

Scouts BSA members from Troop 329 and Troop 3329, along with their dedicated leaders, had an eye-opening experience. They took a private tour of Make-A-Wish Arizona to fulfill Citizenship in Society merit badge requirements. It was a unique adventure highlighting the essence of citizenship in our diverse society.

During this inspiring visit, Scouts discovered the inner workings of Make-A-Wish Arizona and its dedication to cultural diversity. Make-A-Wish has taken a remarkable step forward in 2023, dedicating each month to a different culture, including Spanish, Asian, and Native American influences. The program includes engaging activities revolving around communication, social activities, and food traditions from these rich and diverse backgrounds.

But it wasn’t just about exploring cultures; Troop 329 and Troop 3329 got a glimpse into the very heart of Make-A-Wish. They learned that granting wishes goes far beyond meeting medical standards. Make-A-Wish Arizona follows a meticulous and deliberate selection process that considers a wide spectrum of needs from across the state.

One of the highlights of this unforgettable day was an interview with none other than Fran Mallace, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Make-A-Wish Arizona. Her words of wisdom resonated with the Scouts, leaving them all inspired. Fran Mallace emphasized the importance of cultural and diversity awareness and shared pearls of wisdom on leadership that will undoubtedly shape the Scouts’ future endeavors.

As this one-of-a-kind merit badge journey concluded, Scouts now understand that citizenship extends beyond textbooks and classroom discussions. Through its compassionate and diverse approach, they have witnessed firsthand how Make-A-Wish Arizona profoundly touches the lives of children and families.

Troop 329 and Troop 3329 members sincerely thank Make-A-Wish Arizona for their warm welcome. The troop leadership summed it up well: “This experience enriched our Scouts’ understanding of citizenship. We’re excited to see them continue to grow and apply these valuable lessons in their lives and communities.”