Turning Popcorn Sales into Epic Adventures

Adventure Funding: The Role of Fundraising in Scouting's Success

Scouting is about more than just learning outdoor skills and earning badges. It’s about building character, instilling values, and providing young people with the tools they need to succeed in life. One aspect of this journey is fundraising, which not only supports Scouts in their quest for adventure but also teaches them invaluable life skills along the way. 

Sondra Wendt, a Scout BSA parent associated with Troop 3030 and Troop 824, has an impressive decade of experience in fundraising for Scouting activities. She supports Scout units during popcorn sales as the “Council Kernel” with Grand Canyon Council BSA. Her expertise has paved the way for Scouts to set out on adventures they’ll cherish forever. Sondra shares her insights on how Scouts benefit from selling popcorn, some memorable experiences along the way, and plans for the future. 

When asked about the benefits her Scouts gain from popcorn sales, Sondra highlights her children’s incredible adventures: National Jamboree, Philmont trek, and Camp Geronimo – to name a few! In just five years, they’ve had numerous big and small adventures, developing a love for travel and high adventure. Sondra’s daughter, Savannah, says, “There were too many experiences to list.” One constant, though, is the formation of lasting friendships!

Fundraising can be an eye-opening experience for Scouts. Sondra mentions that her Scouts often receive generous donations from random strangers, which never fails to amaze them. They’ve also learned not to be discouraged by negativity and to persevere. Hearing stories from customers who regret not reaching the Eagle rank serves as motivation to stay committed.

Looking ahead, Troop 824 has exciting plans for upcoming Scouting activities. Next summer, they’ll attend summer camp at Lake of the Ozarks, followed by a high adventure trek in Mt. Baker, WA. In 2025, a trek to Machu Picchu is on the horizon. Fundraisers continue to cover annual troop dues, monthly campouts, and summer camp adventures!

Sondra Wendt has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Scouting and fundraising on her children. Some key takeaways she emphasizes are: 

  • Pride and Responsibility: Earning their own way gives Scouts tremendous pride and teaches them the value of hard work and responsibility. 
  • Budgeting Skills: Scouts learn how to manage their funds, a vital skill for life. 
  • Confidence Building: Selling products and talking to strangers build confidence that will serve them well in any career path. 
  • Salesmanship Skills: Regardless of their future careers, the ability to sell is a valuable skill. 
  • Giving Back: Scouts learn the importance of charity and giving back to the community through their fundraising efforts. 

Fundraising allows Scouts to dream big (where no adventure is out of reach), explore the world, and become confident, responsible, and compassionate individuals who are ready to face life’s challenges. Through the dedication of Scout parents like Sondra Wendt and the support of their communities, these young adventurers are well on their way to achieving their goals, one popcorn sale at a time. 

With each popcorn sale, we’re funding adventures and shaping future leaders.