Double-Impact Giving Month

Help expand Scouting in Arizona and DOUBLE your impact!

Right now, in campsites all over Arizona, the sound of sizzling bacon and eggs is everywhere. This isn’t just the sound of food cooking, it is the sound of our Scouts enjoying the outdoors as they look forward to the adventure of Summer Camp! Last year, more than 2,700 kids went to Geronimo and R-C, and we are looking forward to even more Scouts at camp this year! 

In 1993 Scouting in Arizona came to be what we know today – the merger of the Theodore Roosevelt and Grand Canyon Councils brought together northern and central Arizona, and today’s Grand Canyon Council was born. The 1993 Society commemorates this by recognizing donors who make regular monthly contributions. So many parents, former Scouts, and others want a way to ‘give back’ to support Scouting, and making a small recurring monthly contribution is just the ticket for many. 

The 1993 Society is very important because it provides a regular, monthly stream of support that helps us to maintain our four camps, provide support to packs and troops throughout Arizona, and work to grow Scouting for more youth. One of our goals is to ensure that every youth is invited to be a Scout. The 1993 Society helps with all these projects. Members of the 1993 Society make a difference every single month. 

We are excited to announce a special promotion that will take place in April – Dave Alexander (a passionately generous donor and an Eagle Scout) has offered to make a contribution for every new member of the 1993 Society who joins this month. Dave will match every new 1993 donor 100%, thus doubling the impact of the 1993 Society this year. 

We invite you to do two things: 

  1. Please consider joining the 1993 Society. Just $19.93 per month allows you to join the club as a bronze member (donors can give any amount, and we also have silver and gold levels for those who contribute at higher levels). 
  2. Please consider forwarding this message to anyone you know who might have an interest in supporting Scouting for today’s and tomorrow’s youth. This could be parents of current or former Scouts, Scouting alumni, grandparents, and anyone who appreciates the outcomes of Scouting for our youth and Arizona. 

For more information and to join the 1993 Society, please go to:

We invite you to join the 1993 Society by clicking here to be routed to our donation website. All contributions help support Scouting adventures for thousands of Arizona youth.

Thank you for your support and for the many ways you are helping to continue GCC’s mission to help today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders.

Be Prepared.