Supporting Scouts on the Way to Eagle Rank

The Eagle Scout mentor is a registered volunteer who operates at the unit level. This important position, which is not intended to be another aspect of either a Scoutmaster’s or Assistant Scoutmaster’s responsibilities, initiates as soon as a Scout has successfully completed the Life rank board of review and continues through to the Eagle Scout board of review.

Like Eagle Scout Service Project Coach, this is not a ‘decision’ or ‘approval’ position. Its purpose is to provide close-to-home support and guidance to Scouts through their entire Life-to-Eagle rank process.

In addition to the main role of providing support, encouragement, and guidance to Scout, the Eagle Scout Mentor may also establish cooperative working relationships with the Scoutmaster, unit advancement coordinator, unit committee, service project beneficiary, Eagle Scout Service Project Coach, and the district or council advancement committee.

The Eagle Scout Mentor is a registered volunteer. Learn more at the Life to Eagle process today. 

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