SAFE Service Project Planning

The safety of our Scouts, volunteers, employees, and communities is our top priority!

Use these two newly updated tools prior to conducting service projects:

The SAFE Service Project Planning Checklist. This checklist can be used for all Scouting service projects (Order of the Arrow, Distinguished Conservation Service Award, Eagle Scout, and individual or unit service). The checklist is not an added requirement for an Eagle Scout service project.

The simplified SAFE Project Tool Use Guidelines. The SAFE project tool use outlines several minimum guiding protocols that adult leaders and other volunteers must consider for Scouting service projects that include the use of tools. It is not intended to cover the use of tools integrated into advancement requirements (i.e., merit badges, handbooks, or adventures).

If it is not practical to meet these protocols, do not conduct the activity or service project.

You can also find both tools in the appendix to the Guide to Safe ScoutingSAFE is an acronym for safety points Scouts and Scouters should abide by before any activity, including service projects. They are: Supervision, Assessment, Fitness and Skill, and Equipment and Environment. 

Find more safety tips, on the BSA’s Safety Moments page.

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