Overall Finance

Council Budgeted Revenue - 2020

Total Revenue: $4,746,552

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Camping & Activities$1,539,221
Friends of Scouting$1,143,622
Product Sales (Popcorn & Camp Cards)$593,700
Project Sales$313,717
AZ Tax Credit$289,368
Foundations & Grants$230,124
Trading Post$165,000
Indirect Giving Agencies$41,100
Special Events$58,000
Other Revenue$650

Council Expenses - 2018

Total Expenses: $4,696,337

The Functional Expense pie chart categorizes all expenses of our council into one of three ‘buckets’: program, fund raising, or management.  The accounting for these categories is overseen by our independent auditors and updated annually; this format is considered a ‘best method’ in nonprofit accounting and conforms to generally accepted accounting principles and auditing standards. 

Using this format provides a very helpful tool for supporters and other interested parties who want to know “How is my donation being used to support Scouting?”.  There is general agreement that keeping nonprofit management and fund raising expenses at less than 25% of total expenses is ideal and Grand Canyon Council continues to keep these expenses at about 12%, far below the recommended level of 25%.  It should also be noted that prizes to Scouts for popcorn and camp card sales are included in the fund raising expense.

Program Services $4,148,639
Fundraising $359,799
Management & General $187,899

Endowed funds have a common objective: to provide support not just for one year or even one generation, but in perpetuity. Endowed funds are invested over the long-term and earnings are used to support Council operations.

Did you know many employers also value the time you spend and will donate based on the time you volunteer?

Friends of Scouting is our council’s annual giving campaign, making up one-fifth of our annual budget.