Troop 329’s Unforgettable Summer at Camp Geronimo

Teamwork, Adventure, and Merit Badge Success: Highlights from Troop 329's Camp Geronimo Experience

Troop 329 recently returned from an unforgettable week at Geronimo Summer Camp, filled with adventure, learning, and camaraderie. Each patrol had their own cooking gear and took on the responsibility of preparing and cooking every meal as a patrol, embracing the challenge with enthusiasm. The Scouts demonstrated impressive teamwork and self-reliance, not only in cooking but also in cleaning up after themselves.

During the week, our Scouts earned several merit badges, showcasing their dedication and hard work. One of the highlights was catching crawdads, a thrilling experience that combined fun with a lesson in local wildlife. The Scouts even cooked and ate the crawdads, adding a unique and adventurous element to their camp meals.

The nights at Camp Geronimo were equally memorable. One night, the Scouts slept under the stars, drifting off to sleep with the intriguing story of the Mogollon Monster echoing in their minds. Another night featured an epic ice cream eating competition with Troop 41, a fun and spirited event that brought everyone together in friendly rivalry.

Throughout the week, the Scouts not only earned merit badges but also made significant strides in advancing their ranks. Their hard work, resilience, and team spirit were evident in every activity and challenge they undertook.

The experience at Camp Geronimo was fantastic, and our Scouts are already looking forward to returning next year for more adventures and opportunities to grow. Thank you to all the parents and volunteers who made this week possible.

Here’s to another great year of Scouting! Wesley Fuller, Troop 329