Exploring: Career Pathways for Youth in Grand Canyon Council

Did you know Exploring, the career-focused program within Scouting, has been shaping youth career paths since the 1940s? From law enforcement to technology, medical to government agencies, Exploring offers hands-on experiences in diverse fields.

Older youth programs of Scouting have existed since the 1930s, and Exploring was officially introduced by in 1949 as an advanced Scouting program for older boys. In the 1960s the program evolved and career readiness Explorer Posts starting operating alongside the high adventure type senior-Scouting programs that had existed for decades. Also in the 1960s, girls were welcomed into Exploring. In 1998, Venturing was created to differentiate the two types of programs and provide better support to both.

Exploring is a jobsite-based, school-to-career program that gives youth an opportunity to learn about specific careers. The council partners with employers (similar to charter partners of packs & troops) such as law enforcement & fire service agencies, technology, medical, and other companies, to give youth the opportunity to better prepare for their upcoming careers. Practically any industry, company, or governmental entity can sponsor an Explorer Post.

In April, Grand Canyon Council hired its first Exploring Executive since 2020. Nolan Craft is leading our effort to re-establish Exploring throughout our council and we’d appreciate your thoughts.

Does your employer have an interest in helping youth learn more about its business? Does your Scout have a career interest that we can use to identify a potential Explorer Post? We are hearing that some employers and/or industries are facing talent pipeline issues and Exploring can be a helpful tool to develop this pipeline.

If you have any ideas, leads, or contacts that can help us to start new Exploring posts, please reach out directly to Nolan Craft ( and let’s start a conversation.