Kim Ott Honored for Exemplary Leadership at Good Scout Luncheon

Kim Ott Honored for Exemplary Leadership and Representing Scout Values at Good Scout Luncheon

The Grand Canyon Council of Scouting America honored Kim Ott at its third annual Good Scout Luncheon on Thursday, May 23, 2024. Ott is the Northern Arizona University’s associate vice president for communications. She was honored for representing Scout values of loyalty and leadership. Ott demonstrates her dedication to the university, which is also her alma mater, through her current roles, past work as president of the Alumni Association Board, personal donations and support for students. She has also served on High Country Humane’s board of directors and as a Northern Arizona Healthcare certificate holder, in addition to leadership positions in United Way of Northern Arizona, the Guidance Center, Flagstaff Leadership Program, Northland Hospice and Northland Family Help Center. The Good Scout luncheon includes northern Arizona business and community leaders, and remarks from a local Scout. It is led by Chair Heidi Hansen and Rich Bowen, chair emeritus.