A Scouting Dad’s Proud Moment at Eagle Court of Honor

Double Eagle: A Scouting Dad's Proud Moment at Eagle Court of Honor - A Family Legacy and Community Celebration of Geoffrey and Christopher B.'s Achievements

On Saturday, May 4, 2024 a special event took place…a Scouting Dad was pinned by BOTH of his Eagle Scout sons at their Eagle Court of Honor. Geoffrey and Christopher B. from Troop 513 hosted their ceremony at First United Methodist Church, Phoenix, with family, friends, their pack and troop leaders, and First church members. Pastor David Rennick gave the Opening Prayer followed by the Presentation of Colors, Scoutmaster, Mitch Tate’s celebratory remarks, and the Trail to Eagle Journey presented by the troop.

Special presentations were given by many of Christopher and Geoffrey’s mentors and leaders. Both boys started the Religious Emblem program as Cub Scouts and Kathleen Polowski, GCC’s Religious Activity Team Chair, honored both Christopher and Geoffrey the Religious Emblem Award. Christopher was also recognized for completing all four series of the workbook beginning with the God and Me, followed by God and Family, God and Church and God and Life. He received a special Pin Award dedicated to his hard work vested in religion and faith. Chuck Mackey, Region XIII Scouting Coordinator, awarded them the Military Order of World Wars Certificate who recognize Scouting excellence and emphasizes civics, leadership and patriotism. Their motto is: “It is nobler to serve than to be served.” Jose Amorin, Unit Coach and Assistant Scoutmaster T41, presented numerous letters of recommendation from our city, state and country’s government and military officials, recognizing Geoffrey and Christopher for this great achievement.

Many of those who supported Geoffrey and Christopher over the years were present, sharing remarks of joy, laughter, and happy memories, along with both youths sharing stories about their Eagle Project. The highlight was their presentation of both Parent Pins to their dad, Geoffrey. It was a proud and special moment! The afternoon concluded with the Eagle Scout Challenge by Judy Walden, Unit Coach and Executive Board Member; the Eagle Scout Charge by Jason Schnee, Assistant Scoutmaster; and a Benediction from Pastor Rennick with a lovely reception afterward.

Yes, it was a delightful day for all of us and these two young men’s achievements in Scouting and through their church community. We honor and celebrate their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments as they continue to “Soar Like Eagles” in their Scouting family, their community, and out into the world … two Eagle Scout brothers who will make an impact along their next journey in life. Congratulations to you Eagle Scouts Geoffrey and Christopher!