Scouting Leadership: Highlights from the 2023 Wood Badge Course

During two lively weekends in September, a group of 31 dedicated Scouters gathered at R-C Scout Ranch to attend a dynamic training, the 2023 Grand Canyon Council Wood Badge Course

Here, the Scouters experienced a dedicated and enthusiastic staff, who helped the participants learn leadership tools and skills.

Participants of the 2023 course ranged from new leaders to leaders with more than 10 years of experience to professional Scouters. Participants began the course, modeling a Cub Scout Pack and then bridged to a Scouts BSA Troop structure, all while growing their leadership toolbox.

Wood Badge is often described as “the premier adult leadership training program of the BSA.”  The participants in the course learn about leadership, communication, mentoring, and teamwork in a Scouting atmosphere filled with fun, camaraderie, education, and practical applications.

These 31 Scouters have completed the Training Phase and are now in the Application Phase. They are putting the skills and tools they learned in the course, into practice in real life, through 5 personalized goals they each authored. These goals will ultimately help improve Scouting in their units, districts, and council. Watch for these Scouters in your community, and cheer them on as they promote, enhance, and improve Scouting!


  • Central – 8 participants
  • Gila River – 4 participants
  • Lost Dutchman – 5 participants
  • Pinnacle Peak – 1 participant
  • Sonoran Sunset – 9 participants
  • Board Members – 1 participant
  • GCC Employees – 2 participants
  • Catalina Council – 1 participant

The Wood Badge Interfaith Services raised over $400, for the World Friendship Fund!

Are you interested in learning more about Wood Badge or attending the 2024 Course?