R-BOO-C Halloween Family Fun Camp: Where Scouting Meets Spooktacular Fun

Get ready for a spooktacular adventure! R-BOO-C Halloween Family Fun Camp brought together Scouts, families, and a touch of the supernatural for an unforgettable weekend at R-C Scout Ranch.

Scoutmaster Jess Rankin, the brains and heart behind Troop 531, recently organized the spine-tingling yet educational event, R-BOO-C Halloween Family Fun Camp, held annually at R-C Scout Ranch. This event brings Scouts, their families, and a dash of the supernatural together for a weekend of unforgettable adventures. 

“R-BOO-C just wrapped up its third year,” Rankin explains. “Every year in early October, R-C Scout Ranch turns into R-BOO-C. This Halloween Family Fun Camp is loaded with activities, including a hayride, bb gun shooting, archery, fun with science, mutant crawdads, and more.” 

This year, over 400 participants, including nearly 170 Cub youth, 140 adult participants, 140 Scouts BSA youth and adult staff, and even some unexpected guests like zombies, an alien, and a unicorn, came together for this hauntingly fun event. 

R-BOO-C offered many exciting activities, from making alien slime to traversing the Tunnel of Terror, dry ice bubbling acid, screaming balloons, and participating in bb gun shooting and archery. Scouts, siblings, and parents could catch and race crawdads, create blood in Dracula’s Kitchen, and witness the Cannon Boyz with their giant smoke cannons. A Webelos/AOL Zombie Apocalypse was also introduced, challenging participants in fun competitions. 

Rankin mentions, “Scouts also got a chance to work to be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse where Scouts worked on first-aid skills and survival skills. This year, R-BOO-C added a Pumpkin Carving Contest and a Campsite Decorating Contest, and everyone really did a scary amazing job.” 

One of the highlights was the Scaremaster, Glorp the Destroyer, an extraterrestrial visitor with a penchant for alien slime. Glorp led a costume contest and a special dance party called “Saturday Night Unalive” during the evening campfire, leaving participants howling with excitement. 

R-BOO-C offers both fun and educational experiences. Scouts BSA youth played a significant role in teaching various skills during the event, such as making glow-in-the-dark slime and providing first-aid demonstrations. Cub youth learned about conservation efforts, like dealing with invasive crayfish species, and practiced Leave No Trace principles. 

Rankin emphasizes the educational aspect, saying, “It is a lot of learning disguised as fun!” Thanks to activities like the costume contest, the event also fostered confidence and encouraged participants to be their best.   

The event’s highlight was undoubtedly Glorp the Destroyer, who took R-BOO-C by storm with his quirky charm and dance moves. Rankin adds, “We think Glorp wants to be a Scout too!” 

In closing, Jess Rankin expressed gratitude to all the R-BOO-C staff for their dedication, showing the best of Scouting, and making this event a memorable experience for all attendees. The event’s success showcases the spirit of Scouting, where older Scouts serve as mentors and role models to the younger generations. 

So, watch for R-BOO-C’s return in 2024, scheduled for October 4-6. It’s an event that blends fun, education, service, and a hint of the supernatural, ensuring a hauntingly good time for Scouts of all ages. #rbooc, #glorp 

  • Event Name: R-BOO-C Halloween Family Fun Camp 
  • Date: October 4-6, 2024 
  • Sign-up Opens: July 1, 2024 
  • Website: R-BOO-C Facebook Group