Record Attendance at Camp Geronimo – Follow Troop 282 for a Week at Geronimo Summer Camp

Scouts Gain confidence, Earn Patches, and Create Lasting Memories
Troop 282 at Camp Geronimo 2023

Glendale, Arizona – Troop 828 recently concluded their annual summer camp adventure at Camp Geronimo, and what a week it was! With a record-breaking attendance of 32 Scouts, including 15 first-time attendees, this year’s camp promised excitement and new challenges for everyone involved. Let’s take a glimpse into their journey of teamwork, skill-building, and unforgettable experiences.

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the Scouts, two members volunteered to attend Fish Camp, leaving the adult leaders to guide the remaining 30 Scouts through the Geronimo experience. Early arrivals helped alleviate the pressure of setting up, allowing the Scouts to dive right into the action.

Eager to collect as many patches as possible, the Scouts were inspired by their Scoutmaster’s impressive collection. Their quest for patches commenced with a hike along the Levi Young trail, earning each patrol a quick reward. The Tiger and Fool’s Eye night trails provided another opportunity for these young adventurers to showcase their skills and teamwork.

Sunday morning saw the Scouts gather at the chapel for an interfaith service, an essential step towards achieving the Duty to God patch. The new Scouts embarked on the Totem-to-Totem hike, earning yet another badge before the Sunday camp arrivals.

As the week progressed, the Scouts dove into their chosen merit badge classes. Guided by strategically placed adults between sessions, they found their way to each area with ease. Monday afternoon presented free time, during which many Scouts opted to work on their rank requirements, a testament to their dedication and commitment.

Tuesday night brought the troop’s traditional hike out of camp with dinner, providing a welcome escape from the crowded dining hall. Divided into three skill levels, the Scouts tackled different trails, including Old Spade Ranch, East Webber, and the challenging West Webber trail with its 1000ft plus elevation gain.

Thursday’s Polar Bear swim was the ultimate test of dedication. Completing this challenge marked a significant step towards earning the coveted “I Did it All” patch, motivating the Scouts to push their limits and strive for excellence. With each passing day, their confidence and growth were evident in their faces and expressions.

The fifteen first-time attendees worked diligently towards earning their Brave patch, successfully achieving their goals. As the week ended, the Scouts showed their unity by efficiently packing up the campsite under the watchful eye of Commissioner Uncle Walt, ensuring everything was in order for their departure. Reflecting on their experiences, Troop 828 members are already looking forward to returning to Geronimo Summer Camp next year.