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Drone Flight School at Camp Geronimo

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Drones are a rapidly growing market, with applications ranging from pure recreational use to commercial application. Flight School participants will learn about the physics of aviation while building and flying his or her own custom Modit Drone System. This full-week, action packed overnight camp will encourage critical thinking and creativity as participants collaborate to solve challenges and role-playing missions.

It’s no secret that young people are overwhelmingly drawn to emerging technology. Drone Flight School provides a unique opportunity for your child to unplug in Arizona’s tall pines while staying connected with emerging STEM-related technology.

Build all the components of the drone and participate in obstacle competitions in our new drone flight training summer camp program. Youth 13+ learn to tune the drones performance using software controls and fly in competitions with first person viewer mode in real-time!

The Drone Flight School cost $600 and includes: Meals and lodging at Camp Geronimo, Program fees including a Modit™ Drone System ($300 value), Expert instruction, and a Camp T-shirt.

This Pilot Program will run for 2 sessions:

2021 Session Dates:

Session 1: June 6 – June 12
Session 2: June 13 – June 19

Why did Geronimo Chose to use the Modit™ Drone System?

The Modit™ Drone System is designed to build increasing flight proficiency among participants over time. They will start at the Beginner Level and learn the basics. At these early stages, youth are unable to access advanced features and high-performance modes so that they don’t get ahead of their skill-set. As participants master the beginner level, they are able to move to the Intermediate Level, unlocking more flight modes and capabilities. From there, they can continue through to the Advanced and Expert Levels that offer so many cool opportunities. The units are also fully customizable and we have some really amazing modifications in mind for the future. This System contains a user assembled airframe, all the electronics needed to operate the drone, including a battery and battery charger, and a Radio Controller hand-held device. Key Features include:

  • A 4-propeller quad-copter that is capable of high performance maneuvers, speeds up to 15 mph, and a flight range over 1,000 feet form the operator
  • A built in GPS for position tracking and flight stabilization.
  • Automated functions such as auto take off, landing, return to takeoff point.
  • An integrated camera capable of streaming video of what the drone sees and taking still photos.
  • The Modit™ Drone System can be customized by the user and it is only drone on the market that can be repaired by the user after serious crashes.

A phone-based Modit™ application acts as the ground station for the drone, including displaying video from the on-board camera, drone information and sending commands to the drone from the user. This application also accesses a library of training materials and instructions on everything from how a drone flies, to how to assembly and build a drone, to learning flight maneuvers, etc.

Questions? Call (602) 955-7747 Ext. 239 Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm​

Drone Flight School Flyer 

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