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Rifle Instructor

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USA Archery Level 1 Certified 

Shotgun Instructor

Range Safety Officer 

Chief Range Safety Officer 


Archery - Boy Scout/ Cub Scout Open Shoot

Archery participants will learn the introductory skills of Archery in an open shoot environment. We supply all the necessary equipment for the program. Participants will be given lessons in safety both on and off the range with Archery equipment, and the proper way to use the equipment to make a good shot. Ample shooting time will be provided for individuals to hone their shooting skills. To shoot, you must be registered as a youth with the Boy Scout of America.

Rifle – Boy Scout Open Shoot

Participants at the Rifle Range will have an opportunity to learn how to shoot to hone their skills with the Range's accurate .22 Target Rifles on a 50 foot Range. This is accomplished in a safe, controlled environment under the watchful eyes of NRA Certified and BSA Approved Instructors. To shoot, you must be registered as a youth with the Boy Scout of America.

Let's Go Target Shooting!


Scout Leaders:  REMEMBER that it is BSA policy, that when you go rifle shooting as a Scouting Unit, you must:


1.  have a signed permission slip for each Scout

2.  have an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, and one NRA Certified rifle/shotgun/muzzleloader instructor for every eight Scouts

     Take your certification card-the range may ask to see it.

3.  BSA HIGHLY recommends going to a shooting range or Scout Camp.

4.  For the range, you are going to check their website or call for information.

5.  For archery, you need to have a USAA Level I instructor.


The Heard Scout Pueblo has open shoot dates for .22 rifle and archery.  Cub Packs are welcome to come to the Pueblo

to shoot BB guns or archery.  The range fee for .22 rifle is $10, BB gun & archery is $5. All equipment and Staff are supplied.


Boy Scout Rifle Merit Badge idea:  reserve a campsite at the Pueblo for a Friday night. After you are set up and had dinner,

come to the Range for the book portion of the MB, then Saturday morning 9 to 12, shoot the .22 rifle for the practical portion.


Here are other locations/possibilities:

Camp R/C  BB gun & archery

Camp Geronimo  BB gun, .22, muzzle loader, archery

Camp Raymond  BB gun, .22, shotgun, archery


Remember-Safety is our #1 goal


Gary Jordan  garyinlaveen@yahoo.com

Grand Canyon Council

Shooting Sports Chairman

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