Campmasters Corp

Looking for GCC Campmaster Corps Members!

GCC Campmaster Corps is a group of selected, trained, and registered Scouters who serve at Council Camps whenever Scouting units are using any part of the camp property. As a member of the GCC Campmaster Corps, you have chosen to provide cheerful service to the Boy Scouts of America youth, parents, adult leaders, and the various other community organizations that visit our council camps each year. Your primary responsibility will be to assist the Camp Ranger in providing an enjoyable camping or training experience to those that visit Council Camps on any given weekend. 

There may be a number of different activities going on each weekend, year-round.  The Campmaster’s role may vary in each of these activities.  It is not the Campmaster’s job to run the weekend activities or programs.  But, to be there to assist and help.

Campmasters may be called upon to:

  • Ensure the safety of campers according to The Guide To Safe Scouting and the rules of the camp
  • Check groups in and out that are camping and provide guidance as needed
  • Check tools in and out that may be needed for camp projects
  • Perform small maintenance tasks
  • Assist campers in following the procedures and policies of Geronimo and Council
  • Asist with program help as needed
  • Work on other service projects as skills align

What can the Campmaster Corps offer you:

  • If you like the outdoors, find fulfillment in working with other scouters, and don’t mind a little work or getting dirty. GCC Campmaster Corps may be for you.
  • Campmasters will have use of a family cabin while giving service
  • Our rangers trust our trained Campmasters with access to the camp to be able to provide an exceptional experience to our customers.  If you are interested in the state of our camps and want to help maintain and support them while providing exceptional experiences to our Scouting units and others, this is the way to do just that.

Requirements to be a Campmaster:

  • Minimum age of 21 years old
  • Current YPT trained
  • Provide service for at least 2 weekends every year, does not include being a commissioner during summer camp
  • Knowledgeable of BSA and council policies and procedures
  • Has acceptable character traits (follows the Scout oath and law)
  • Have a great attitude
  • Attend Campmaster Orientation Training at Geronimo

Would you like to be a member of the GCC Campmaster Corps?

Talk with a Camp Ranger or the Campmaster Chair for more information on how you may support a particular camp, get involved, or become a Campmaster!

The Campmaster Chair is Steve “Gecko” Smith –

Please email the following information to

  • Name
  • Nickname
  • Address
  • Email
  • Cell
  • Number of years in scouting
  • Current Registered Position
  • Unit
  • District
  • Leadership Positions Held
  • Date of YPT Training
  • Are you Wood Badge trained?
  • List any special skills/trades that you have
    • ie Plumber, Electrician, EMT, heavy equipment operator.

Upcoming Campmaster Training Dates: