Camp Kaibab

Camp Kaibab

Calling all supporters of the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire! Join us September 18-20, 2020 for “Star Wars” themed activities while having a great time in the outdoors!

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Camp Kaibab is held at Camp Raymond Scout Camp, a Grand Canyon Council camp near Williams, AZ. Your family is able to attend Camp Kaibab either as a day camp or camp Friday and/or Saturday night. Camp Kaibab is open to all Cub Scouts and their families. Brothers and sisters can join in the fun if they can do so safely (recommended 5+ years old).  This camp is a great opportunity for Den Leaders because we plan all the activities for you.  You get to come up and join your children in all the fun.

“Honeycomb” Activities

If you have been to other camps where activities are scheduled and you rotate from one to the next, Camp Kaibab is not like that.  We use the “Honeycomb” method where each activity is at a station and the boys “buzz” around from station to station. Families are allowed to visit multiple stations at each family’s convenience from 9am to 4pm (closed for lunch). This allows each family the flexibility to take breaks as needed but still be able to visit all of the stations. You can take advantage of these activities, or just take a break and hang out in camp. Program areas are open until 4PM to allow children free time to play and experience camp in an unstructured way,

Overnight or Day Camp?

Camp Kaibab is a cross between a day camp and a resident camp. You have the option of NOT camping overnight and still get the same program as the overnight campers. Or you have the option of getting the whole overnight camping experience. Unlike day camps, this event has a full-day schedule.

Please be sure to register! This camp reaches capacity weeks in advance every year, and as much as we would love to include everyone, we do have a limit.  Once we hit capacity, we cannot add additional campers. 

This is not a drop off camp.  Cub Camping programs do require parent or guardian oversight, or den/pack leader support as Cub Scouts are still too young to attend programs on their own. These requirements vary by program, the details of which are on the respective registration pages.  Following the Guide to Safe Scouting, Cub Scouts require one adult for every four Cubs, and Lions and Tigers require a 1:1 Cub to adult partner ratio.

Matt De Micco

Camp Kaibab Camp Director


Who can volunteer to help at Camp Kaibab?
We are looking for adults and youth that are enthusiastic, like to have fun, like to help younger Scouts learn, or just like to help out. As Camp Kaibab is a Family Camp experience, we’d like to try and draw volunteers from outside of the families attending Camp Kaibab, with one exception: If you are attending Camp Kaibab with your Cub Scout and you have an older child (male or female, 11 years+) that is coming along and  interested in helping, we encourage them to sign up as Jr Staff and they can help out. Our goal is to have youth teaching youth, with adult supervision (following the Boy Scout model).  We especially encourage members of the Order of the Arrow to provide service at this event, as well as troops who are looking for a fun opportunity to earn service hours. It also makes a GREAT Diversity ticket for Woodbadgers working their Ticket!


What sort of help is needed?
There are a number of positions at Camp that fall into two main categories. One is program staff, who are responsible for developing and manning the stations. The second is admin staff, which provides support and the framework for the program.
Program Staff
There are multiple stations for youth participants providing various activities. The theme for 2020 is Space and Star Wars, and those stations should be developed with that theme in mind. Camp Director Matt will be looking for ideas on station content, and can provide ideas as well if you are interested in running a station.
Expectations for staff
Because this is a Council led activity, we will be following the official BSA standards for Family Camping. This requires that everyone (including Jr Staff) attend a training session prior to camp. There is also a Code-of-Conduct which is more or less just common sense rules on being in camp.


This Family Camp is a weekend outdoor experience for all levels of Cub Scouts, from Tigers through Webelos, and their families. This is an opportunity to keep the Outing in Scouting.

This event is a cross between a daycamp and a resident camp. You have the option of NOT camping overnight, but still get the same program as the overnight campers. Or you have the option of getting the whole overnight camping experience.

Cub Scouts must have an adult/leader/parent ratio of one adult for every four Cub Scouts or fraction thereof. Lions and Tigers are an exception, and require a 1:1 ratio with the Lion/Tiger Partner. 

This is to ensure the emotional and physical well-being of the Cub Scouts who may not yet be emotionally or physically mature enough to attend camp.

 Camp Kaibab is held regardless of weather conditions. As its held at the tail-end of the monsoon season, campers should be prepared for rainy weather. Overnight temperatures at Camp Kaibab (Camp Raymond) have been known to dip as low as the high 30’s, but are typically in the high-40’s. Highs during the day are typically in the low to mid 70’s. There are no refunds due to weather conditions, Camp Kaibab will be held rain or shine.

We will have an opening ceremony on Saturday morning. Unlike many other camps, we do not use a structured format for our program areas. Families are allowed to visit multiple stations at each family’s convenience from 9AM until 4PM. This allows each family the flexibility to take breaks as needed but still be able to visit all of the stations.

The campout is being held at Camp Raymond Scout Camp, a Council camp near Williams, AZ

Yes, this will insure that we have sufficient facilities and supplies available for all Scouts and their families.

The Cub Scout program is all about family involvement, so all Cub Scouts, and any members of their family (moms, dads, siblings, grandmas, grandpas) can attend the Campout.  Activities will be based around the Cub Scouts, but siblings can participate if they can do so safely, and if it is appropriate for them to participate. Non-participant campers and other family members will need to be kept entertained outside of the Cub Scout activities. Parents/Guardians are responsible for all family members attending camp.

Yes. Everyone that will be at camp, including adults and siblings, need to have parts A and B completed from the official BSA medical form. Please bring copies, not originals, as they will be returned or destroyed at the close of camp. Click here for a link to the BSA Medical Form

Each den or family pays a $30 registration fee, plus an additional $25 for each youth ‘participant’ attending the camp. A participant is either a Cub/Webelos, or a sibling that wants to take part in the activities. These fees are required regardless of daycamping or overnighting. There is also a $3.00 per person fee for use of Camp Raymond.

Yes. Lions and Tigers are required to be accompanied by their Adult Partner. Wolves and Bears are allowed to register as a den, but cannot camp overnight as a den. Webelos are allowed to register as a den, and daycamp or overnight. All dens are required to have two-deep leadership, and a 1 leader to 5 youth ratio, and Youth Protect Training is required.

The registration process is built around a family or den unit. If multiple dens/families are coming, please submit separate registrations for each family/den. Your camping area will be assigned with your unit camping together if possible.  If your pack is attending and paying for Camp Kaibab, your leaders can contact the Camp Directors to find out how to manage that process.

No. Feel free to come out for the day and experience all the activities, plus the campfire ceremony and all the fun.

You need to bring your standard camping gear. Tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, lanterns, etc.  Here is a packing list.

There is a meal purchase plan available.  Three meals on Saturday and one on Sunday are available for purchase.  Choose and pay for your meals when you register.

No, pets are not allowed on this activity due to safety concerns.

Each campsite has a campfire ring, if campfires are allowed by the Forest Service you can have a campfire.

Water, vault toilets, and trash cans are all available in each campsite.  There are flush toilets in the dining hall.

Pocket knives are restricted to those Cub Scouts that have earned (and are carrying) their Whittling Chip. We plan to have an opportunity for Bears and Webelos to earn their Whittling Chip during Family Time. Carrying a pocketknife is a privilege not a right, and that can be taken away if a Cub Scout is found using their knife improperly or unsafely.

No. BSA regulations state that firearms are forbidden on BSA activities.

Absolutely. We will have an opportunity for older siblings to become Jr. Staff members. Since this is a Council-led event, they will be required to attend a 2-3 hour training session before Camp so that we can comply with BSA Standards. Checkout the Volunteer/Staff page for more information.

Do I need help? Absolutely. Please volunteer to help run a station, serve on the committee in charge of setting this up, or just get a case of helium hand and offer to help where you can. Lots of hands make light work!