Camp Cards

Camp Cards

Important Dates - 2020 Camp Card Sale

  • February 16 Camp Card Kickoff
  • February 18 Fry’s storefronts to become available at 7PM, Camp Cards may be reserved on this page
  • March 5 Camp Cards available at District Round Tables.
  • March 30 Recommended Unit checkpoint date. Scouts confirm sales and return monies; units check out additional cards as needed.
  • May 31 Grace period ends: Units charged for every outstanding camp card. Sales period extended from April 30 until May 31. 

Camp Card Leader’s Guide

NEW for 2020: A leaders guide with all the details you need for a successful fundraiser, including step by step guide to the sale, a unit kickoff agenda, determining unit budget and goals, and much more!

PDF Document   Word Document 

Camp Cards for a Cause

Beginning May 1, Scouts will be able to register for Camp Cards for a Cause.  This online fundraiser will allow Scouts to earn 50% commission, just like Camp Cards, while also securing support for their Council, local businesses and franchises, and supporting essential workers!  Find out more by clicking here.

Camp Cards for a Cause

In a traditional Spring, the Camp Card fundraiser helps Scouts gather support for their summer activities and supplement their Scouting program expenses across the year.  This year is anything but traditional; Scouts have met a rather untimely obstacle with Covid-19, which has prevented storefront sales, door to door sales in their neighborhoods, and from delivering camp cards to family and friends.  Grand Canyon Council is excited to announce that we have created an online portal to allow Scouts to promote their Camp Card fundraiser and solicit donations, while continuing to maintain safe social distancing.

Between now and June 30th, Grand Canyon Council Scouts may register online to participate in “Camp Cards for a Cause”.  Like our traditional Camp Cards, Scout units will earn a 50% commission for donations collected throughout this online fundraiser. Units and Scouts will not have to mail or delivery any cards themselves, Council will be happy to handle the responsibility of distributing cards to essential workers within our community! All a Scout needs to do is promote the fundraiser, and ask for support from family, friends, loved ones, and neighbors.

Not only will donations support the Scout who has asked for support, but these donations will also support the Grand Canyon Council in delivering Scouting to youth across Arizona, they will encourage support for the local businesses and franchises featured on our Camp Cards, and it will benefit the essential workers across our communities who could use a little thank you for their support!

Any Scout or unit, regardless of prior participation, may take part in Camp Cards for a Cause. There is no need to check out cards, no financial risk, and no obligations to time commitment. Scouts may fund raise as little or as much as they would like, from the safety of their own home!

Scouts may go to this site to create their online portal. Once a profile is set up, they may begin to share their link through email, their parents’ social media, or via messages to family and friends.  Fundraising portals will be open until June 30th, allowing Scouts the ability to work on fundraising and supporting causes while Scouting from home! Beginning early July, funds will be distributed to unit accounts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Program Director!

Camp Card Champions, 

Tcreate your unit’s team page: 

  1. Go to 
  2. Click the Start your Fundraiser Page here!  button. Enter in all the information – be sure to enter your information as a leader; you can name it your Scout’s page when you modify your personal page if you choose so. The next button will appear when you have completed everything that needs to be filled out.  Make sure you create your “team” page while registering if your unit’s team has not already been created. 
  3. On the Fundraiser Details tab – you can continue with Facebook OR create an account. We strongly recommend you continue with Facebook to use it as an easy way to promote your fundraising page. When you connect it to Facebook, it will take your profile picture and add it to your picture on your fundraising page. Here is also where you can set your own personal goal.  
  4. The Summary tab of this registration is a good way to check what you have written is correct! When you hit Go to Checkout, you have one more opportunity to check over what is written and add any additional information. 

Once your account is created, your fundraising page is automatically created for you. You should receive an email for verification.  


Personalizing your Scouts Camp Cards for a Cause Page: 

  1. Go to to log in. 
  2. Once you’re logged in, you should see your goal on the dashboard and how far you have progressed. You may also change your goal by clicking the pen by your goal! 
  3. The “Post Update tab is used as a status updater on your campaign. You can choose to post it to Facebook or Twitter along with just posting it on your wall! 
  4. The Edit Page tab is where you can make your page personal! Tell your own camp story by adding to the My Story section. This is also the page where you can change your page name/ team. To view all the changes and the layout simply click View Page 
  5. Donations tab is the section where you can see all the supporters who have donated! This is a great tool for thanking your friends and family for donating to impact your life and the lives of many others! (Many of these donors would probably appreciate a direct call or letter of thank you!) 

Teams Page Modifications: 

  1. Much like the Fundraiser Page, there will be a team page tab for the person who originally created the team. We recommend that the Camp Card Champion be the Team admin!  
  2. On the Teams Page, make sure to edit the page (done just like the fundraiser page modification), because we have written quite a few notes to give you an idea of what to place on the page! 

How the Camp Card Sale Works

The Camp Card fundraiser is designed to assist scouts in fundraising for their Scouting activities, while reducing out of pocket costs for their families. Each camp card contains deals and discounts from local businesses, which the scouts sell for $10.00 while earning a 50% commission!

There is no cost to participate. Units may check out any number of cards that they aim to sell, and may return up to 25% of the cards without any penalty as long as the cards are returned undamaged by May 31st.

Units immediately keep their 50% commission from each card sold; the remaining revenue from Camp Card sales is returned to Council to support camp programs and scholarships- keeping camping fees low, allowing for upgrades to our facilities, and affording Scouts the opportunity to experience summer camp!

New for 2020 – We will have four variants of the camp card with regional deals and offers included, providing benefits to serve your community! West-Phoenix Metro, East-Phoenix Metro, Mountain Communities, and Explorer Post cards are planned.

New for 2020 – Scouts will receive a 50% commission for each $10 camp card sold, an increase from 35% in years past.

New for 2020 – In an effort to ensure that everyone may participate and that our limited inventory of cards are not being held by units that have no intention to sell, beginning in 2020, units may return up to 25% of all cards that they have checked out for the sale.

The 2020 Camp Card


Our families understand that they are selling character, a better community through Scouting, and the benefits of Scouting summer camp; they are not just selling discount cards.

Your scout, as well as the Scouting community, benefits from these programs!

Emphasize to each customer that each card sold helps Scouts go to camp, build character, and enriches their lives. The reason our sale will be successful is that people want to support Scouting!

Camp Card Kickoff

This year’s Camp Card kickoff will occur on February 16th, at 6:00PM!

We expect the kickoff to last half an hour, followed by questions or comments from unit leaders.

The kickoff will be hosted via a webinar so that all leaders from across our Council may participate, regardless of their geographic location.

We recommend that leaders participate via Zoom so that they may view the video and ask questions in the chat, but leaders may join us by telephone if necessary.


Many scouts sell camp cards in front of community businesses in addition to door to door sales. It is the Unit/Scout responsibility to check with store management to arrange sales. Click here for a template letter to request a storefront on behalf of your unit. You may arrange your own storefront sales at your school, house of worship, local businesses, or any other safe location that you Scout is able to sell Camp Cards at. We advise that you speak to your local businesses, venues, churches, and other supporting organizations in your community about the possibility of supporting Scout fundraisers.

Units may reserve these storefronts beginning at 7:00PM on Feb. 18th.

All units must abide by the Storefront Code of Conduct

Fry’s Food Stores has made 122 of their storefronts available March 6-8, and April 17-19. Jiffy Lube has made 24 of its locations available for the weekends of March 21-22 and April 4-5.

Commission and Incentives

In lieu of the commission increase, all other camp incentives, gift cards, or other prizes have been discontinued. Our hope is that this will allow any Scout the ability to receive the maximum support for whatever level of sales they wish to attain, as well as the ability to use the additional funds towards registration in any Grand Canyon Council program, National or World Jamboree, or other Councils’ camps across the country.

New for 2020Scouts will receive a 50% commission for each $10 camp card sold, an increase from 35% in years past.

How Do I Acquire Camp Cards?

Camp Cards will be available March 5th at your District Round Table meeting. You may also coordinate with your District Executive to have them deliver or exchange cards with your unit leadership. To sign up for the sale or acquire cards, visit the Grand Canyon Council in person or contact your District Executive.

We encourage units to first determine the number of cards that their Scouts will commit to sell, then check out cards commensurate with their goals and Scout participation. Additional cards may be picked up at any time from the Council Service center or though your District Executive.

New for 2020 – In an effort to ensure that everyone may participate and that our limited inventory of cards are not being held by units that have no intention to sell, beginning in 2020, units may only return up to 25% of all cards that they have checked out for the sale.

Units are advised to pick up however many cards they can sell over the first few weeks, and pick up additional cards as needed throughout the sale!

BSA Fundraising Selling Guidelines

  • Please visit for fundraising guidelines.
  • Camp Cards and Popcorn sales are the only two council approved fundraisers; they alone do not require submission of the Money Earning Guideline.
  • Direct solicitation by leaders or youth members of cash donations from community businesses, individuals, service organizations, etc., are not allowed. Units raise their needed funds through approved product sales and fundraising events, payments from member dues, and family support.
  • Revenue from sales can be returned to Grand Canyon Council offices at any time throughout the campaign. For each card sold, units keep $5.00 and are responsible for returning the remaining $5.00 in revenue to council.

Return Policy

If units have cards remaining at the end of the fundraiser, they may return up to 25% of all the cards they have checked out! Unsold, undamaged cards can be returned to Grand Canyon Council offices at any time throughout the campaign. The cards MUST be in new condition (with unbroken snap off discounts). We cannot accept returns of any cards that have been damaged. Be sure Scouts and parents treat each card as if it were a $10.00 bill!

SALES END May 31st with all balances due

The hard deadline for settling balances and returns in May 31st, at which point the unit will be charged for all outstanding cards.

Any cards (lost, misplaced, damaged etc.) not returned to Council by May 31st will be considered sold, and will be charged to the unit account. 

For questions concerning Camp Card sales, please contact our Program Director and Staff Adviser

Matthew Graham

It is the unit Camp Card Chair’s sole responsibility to ensure that they return their cards and monies by the end of the sales period.