Program Fee Change Announcement

Council Program Fee Change Announcement

May 25, 2021

Thank you for your continued leadership to Scouting and our youth in Grand Canyon Council. We have many great things going on in our council, including 8 weeks of Summer Camp at Geronimo and a full Cub Scout program at R-C this year, including several new ‘specialty’ camps.

Based on much feedback from Scouters, last year we replaced the mandatory unit Friends of Scouting program with a Council Program Fee. Our goals were to simplify Scouting for leaders and meet our fiduciary responsibility in managing the council’s operation.

An additional goal was to drive usage of the BSA Online Registration system (rather than the old paper-based membership applications process). There are numerous benefits to using the online system, including:

  • Registration is immediate. Adult Criminal Records Background Checks are completed sooner which helps manage safety and liability more effectively. Also, Scout Life magazine subscriptions begin sooner.
  • Data entry is more accurate; details are input by the parent or leader directly.
  • Personal information, including social security number, date of birth, and driver license information, is input directly by the parent or leader and not viewable by others.

For these and other reasons, the online system is vastly superior to the old paper-based application process.

Since August of last year, 50% of registration has moved to the online system, with the remaining still being handled the ‘old way’. Because of the many benefits of its use, we want to drive towards 100% adoption of online registration. With this in mind, we recently approved several changes that will become effective August 1st, 2021:

  • The council program fee of $60 for youth has been reduced to $50 per year and will continue to be pro-rated.
  • The council program fee for adults has been reduced to $0.
  • We will charge a $25 handling fee to process each membership application entered by council staff. The handling fee will not be pro-rated. This fee is entirely bypassed by using the BSA online registration system.

Detailed information and support for using the BSA Online Registration system can be found here: and our staff is available to assist you with using the system if you need further assistance.

Thanks again for your leadership to your Scouting unit.

Andy Price Scout Executive/CEO

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