Youth Adventure Day Camp at the Heard Scout Pueblo

NEW! Youth Adventure Day Camp at the Heard Scout Pueblo this Summer

Youth Adventure Day Camp at the Heard Scout Pueblo, located near 20th Street and Baseline Roadis a drop-off day camp designed for kids (Scouts and not non-Scouts alike) to come and enjoy a themed week of activities and fun Monday through Friday during the summer months. Ideal for families with working parents. Our trained staff will provide fun, safe, and engaging programs for kids ages 6 – 13. Groups will be broken up by age and then into sessions. Age groups will consist of children 6 – 10 and 11 – 13.

Each week will offer a different adventure to choose from! Fridays will offer a water wars and games day for all participants. Day Camp Adventures may include: Shooting Sports, Swimming, Cooking, Robotics,STEM, Animal Care, and Hiking/Wilderness Survival. Click here to view our Tentative Schedule.

Choose Your Week at Youth Adventure Day Camp!


Enroll in one of the swimming levels based on skills.

Level 1:

This is the beginning level for school-age children. It gets children acquainted with the pool, comfortable in the water, introduces the use of flotation devices, and floating. By the end of this level they are introduced to front crawl stroke, side and backstroke. Children have more confidence by the end of this level and should feel comfortable blowing bubbles with their face in the water.

Level 2:

Children in this level are able to swim at least 20 feet on front, back, and side. They continue to work on developing front crawl, sidestroke and backstroke. They are introduced to the breast-stroke, and elementary backstroke. Children can swim a length of the pool without assistance at the end of this level.

Level 3

For children able to swim independently for a distance of 25 yards with the following strokes: front crawl with side breathing, basic elementary backstroke, back crawl with straight arms, and rudimentary sidestroke and breaststroke. Water safety skills are also emphasized, along with water polo sportsmanship, boating safety, and rescue skills.

Level 4

In this level, students swim full laps of the strokes learned so far. Stroke mechanics are refined for a more efficient stroke. Students will build endurance as they work on swimming 4 lengths of breaststroke, front crawl stroke and backstroke continuously. Students are challenged to swim one length of butterfly. This class is ideal for those preparing for swim team or just looking to become a effective swimmer for fitness or fun.

Shooting Sports

Through experiential learning guided by a knowledgeable adult, youth will learn the safe and responsible use of BB guns, slingshots, and archery equipment. The goal is for youth to have fun in a safe environment!

Activities may include:


– Sling Shots

– BB Guns

As youth participate in shooting sports activities and work toward an award, they not only build confidence in their abilities, but also develop self-reliance, sportsmanship, and conservation awareness—all elements of good character valued in Scouting.


Robotics levels will be split by age. Younger groups will learn the beginning of robotics using Lego and smaller machines. Older groups will learn the how to create their own robotics and see what it takes to compete in robotic fights.


Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) will provide participants adventure and learning throughout the week. There will be different activities throughout the week of this

adventure where the focus will be on using STEM techniques to better understand the world around them.

Animal Care

Participants will learn how to care for a variety of animals. Working with a near by ranch and local Zoo, participants will have the ability to ask questions and while discovering new and interesting facts about local and exotic animals.

Hiking and Wilderness Survival

Participants will learn how to safely hike and learn how to navigate their surroundings. Due to Phoenix heat in the summer, youth will do this adventure indoors and outdoors. This will include conservation, shelter building and more!


This course will cover basic food preparation, storage and cooking guidelines in line with current ServSafe standards while doing activities that provide some hands-on experience. Topics

may include:

– Food Safety

– Food Handling First Aid

– Food Storage/Cross Contamination

– Nutrition

– USDA MyPlate food Guide

– Cooking Basics

– Meal Planning

– Creating Shopping Lists

– Make a meal from your plan

– Camp Cooking Options

– Food Service Career Discussions

Dates: Every Week Starting Monday, May 31st through Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Choose your week at: Adventure Day Camp 

Location: Heard Scout Pueblo, 1901 E Dobbins Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85042

Pricing: Ages 6 – 13: $275 (Mon. – Fri., 8am – 5pm)

Early Arrival Fee: Drop Off at 7:00am – $20/child/day

Late Pick Up Fee: $20/child/30 min.

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