Scout Sunday 2021

Scout Sunday 2021, Scout Sabbath 2021 and Scout Jumuah 2021

Demonstrating our Reverence and Duty to God

Scout Sunday is important because it gives us a chance to show our reverence and duty to God, both things we pledge to do every time we recite the Scout Oath and Law. The actual name and date vary depending on your faith tradition but is usually celebrated near the date of February 8, the anniversary of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America.

This is a great day for scouts and leaders to wear their field uniform and attend religious services, either with unit members or as families. With some advance planning, scouts may be able to have a role in the worship services that day. Many unit leaders will make arrangements with faith leaders to present scouts with the religious emblem they have earned in the past year. No matter your faith tradition or circumstance, you can participate by wearing your uniform, attending a service and showing reverence to God.

For more information, please read a recent Bryan on Scouting blog.

The patch shown above is available at the Scout Shop.

Another way to demonstrate your duty to God is to earn a religious emblem. Please visit this link to learn about the emblems that are offered. Please contact Kathy at for more information.