2021 Centennial Anniversary

Grand Canyon Council Centennial 1921-2021

Celebrate 100 Years of Scouting in the Grand Canyon Council

This year, 2021, is the 100th year that the Grand Canyon Council has supported Scouts in Arizona. Come celebrate this milestone achievement with a series of fun activities and new patches!

First, as announced on Grand Canyon Council Program Live!, the council has a new council service patch (CSP) that celebrates our Centennial! The patch was designed by Alana Labelle, a den leader and assistant cubmaster for Pack 71 in the Gila River district. As seen here, the patch features the Arizona state flag with a “100” and BSA fleur-de-list superimposed on it with “CENTENNIAL 1921-2021.” The selection committee loved the classic, clean design that emphasizes our connection with Arizona. Congratulations, Alana, on a well-done patch!

Second, the council has a new Centennial Rocker that goes around the World Crest on the uniform shirt! This cool patch celebrating our Centennial was designed by Mike Minis, who serves as the advisor to the Order of the Arrow Lodge’s trading post. Thanks, Mike, for another great Arizona inspired patch and a neat way to connect Scouting in the Grand Canyon Council with the World Movement!

Third, we have a slate of Centennial celebrations planned for this year, with most scheduled a bit later when the current COVID situation has, we hope, fallen after the big vaccination campaign. Here is what is in store:

• Geronimo Centennial Picnic, Saturday, July 24 at Camp Geronimo

• Centennial Pow-Wow, Saturday, November 20 at the Heard Scout Pueblo, Hosted By the Order of the Arrow

• Celebrate Scouting at the Heard, Saturday, December 11

Additionally, Districts will offer Centennial-themed events for all ages throughout 2021. 

Last, but certainly not least, Grand Canyon Council has a special Centennial Award that can be earned by Scouts and Scouters. The Centennial logo was designed by Gumby Petersen, long-time aquatics chair and commissioner at Camp Geronimo and echoes both Scouting history and the Arizona State Centennial not too long ago! Here are the requirements to earn the Grand Canyon Council Centennial Award (must be earned during 2021).

Centennial Celebration Schedule


Centennial Picnic
24 July 2021

Centennial Picnic at Camp Geronimo

Public Event: Saturday, July 24, 2021

Please join us for the Grand Canyon Council Centennial Picnic on July 24th and celebrate both Arizona Scouting and 65 years of adventure at Camp Geronimo.  Festivities start at 11am and continue until 4pm with lunch provided.  Have a great time enjoying the beautiful scenery of our camp Geronimo with fun activities including swimming, shooting, hiking and celebrating a 100 years of scouting!

Heard Scout Pueblo

Centennial Pow Wow
20 November 2021

Centennial Pow-Wow at the Heard Scout Pueblo

Hosted by The Order of the Arrow
Public Event: Saturday, November 20, 2021

Please join us on November 20th 2021 at the Heard Scout Pueblo to Celebrate 100 years of scouting with our Centennial Pow Wow sponsored by the Order of the Arrow. Starting at 10 am enjoy displays and activities centered around the history of scouting.

Heard Scout Pueblo

Celebrate Scouting at the Heard
11 December 2021

Celebrate Scouting at the Heard

Public Event: Saturday, December 11, 2021

Please Join us on December 11th 2021 at the Heard Scout Pueblo to Celebrate 100 years of scouting with luminaries, historic displays and activities hosted by the Grand Canyon Council. Walk a display of luminaries and lights with a stop on your trail for provided hot chocolate and ciders. Snack bar will be open for food and smores kits as well. We will have displays on the history of scouting, booths that show off skills our scouts have learned and games for the whole family. Lets celebrate the holidays and scouting with a night in the valley.