Western Region STEM-Tastic Training Class of 2020

STEM-tastic Training for Western Region

Western Region STEM-tastic Training Class of 2020: (L to R) Sandy Haislet, Roy Lo, Keith Pierson, Ron Colletti, Rich Gomez, Teresa Colletti, Shanan Bouchard, Matt Maynard, Rick Reitz, Michael Henson, Briza Medina, Christine Cassano, Alisha Etheredge, Aaron Poole, Andrew Dean

Slime, Air Launched Rockets, Marble Runs, Bungee Drops and a host of other activities and presentations filled the weekend of Nov 6-8 at the Heard Scout Pueblo when Grand Canyon Council hosted STEM Training for 14 attendees who came from as far away as Atlanta Area Council to learn and experience STEM for our Scouts. The training weekend was conducted by Ron and Teresa Colletti who have served on the National STEM Committee, and were instrumental in much of the STEM program. They traveled from the Greater St. Louis Area Council to educate us on the STEM Program and help bring STEM to the forefront of Scouting in our Region.

Teresa Colletti explains Polymer Science in preparation for making neckerchief slides

Stop and think about how much STEM is involved in every aspect of Scouting… our basic foundation lies in the great outdoors… Camping reveals many STEM prospects… Gaze out into Space… Look deep into the campfire (or the light cast by modern LED lanterns)… Science and Technology at work for our benefit… a lashed cooking tripod, or table rely on Engineering and the Science of opposing forces… Orienteering is all about Science and Math… The STEM-tastic weekend covered what the STEM program is all about, from being a part of our daily lives and the reasoning behind offering STEM as a dedicated program, to the organization at the Council, District and Unit levels. Attendees learned about the way Nova and Supernova Awards are structured, provided tips and best practices to help scouts navigate the awards. The training also provided background and ideas for leveraging various organizations in the community to enhance STEM in the Council. Activities were a key focus and the STEM leaders engaged in this training by immersing themselves in playing at STEM through a host of just plain “STEM fun” while learning how to incorporate fun activities into events that give our scouts a sense of the wonders that await their discovery.

Kids at heart, Roy Lo and Rich Gomez play with Slime

Special thanks go out to Sandy Haislet of Central District for her leadership in coordinating this outstanding training event, and all her work to make STEM more exciting in the Council!

We have STEM Representatives serving in all of our Districts and the STEM Committee continues to become more active despite the setbacks of COVID. 2021 will be a great year as we ramp up plans for more virtual STEM Nova Award Sessions starting with another Tech Talk session for the Cub Scouts in the first part of the year and expanding in Scouts BSA. More information can be found through our STEM Webpage (https://www.grandcanyonbsa.org/stem/), including contact info for your District STEM Reps.