Program Committees

Program committees coordinate, plan, and execute opportunities for Scouts throughout the year

It is said that “It takes a village to raise a child,” and as we know to be true, it takes the effort of many leaders throughout our Council to raise a Scout. In addition to a Scout’s parents and immediate unit leaders, Camp Directors and staff, program committees, and special projects and events shape the opportunities available to our Scouts and adult Scouters throughout Arizona. These special events, camps, and programs cannot happen without the support of community volunteers like you willing to share their experiences and passions by coordinating events and learning opportunities for Scouts!

Advancement | Bill Nelson

Promote advancements and special recognitions, assist leaders in preparing for Eagle Boards.

Aquatics |  Vacant

Provide safe, challenging, and exciting aquatic programs, including Life Guard training, and may include SCUBA, White Water rafting, kayaks/canoes, and more depending on committee member participation. 

Conservation | Chip Alender

Dedicated individuals who maintain BSA council properties to ensure that our camps’ natural resources and open spaces continue to provide for the needs of Scouting’s outdoor programs—sustainably—for future generations. 

COPE & Climbing | Steve Miller

COPE is an acronym for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, a program in the Boy Scouts of America. In addition to COPE, Climbing opportunities are available at most GCC Camps. 

Cub Scout Activities/Camping | Linda Hale

Planning, organizing, and providing Cub Scout programs and experiences including our Cub Summer Camps, adventure days, and other activities to support Packs. 

High Adventure Camps | Tom Kube

To promote high adventure camps, backcountry treks, trainings, and personal enrichment at Philmont, Northern Tiers, Florida Sea Base, and the Summit Bechtel Reserve! 

Outdoor Ethics |  Graham Twaddell

Leave No Trace and Outdoor Ethics training for youth and adults!

Ten Commandment Hike | Kathy Polowski

Ten Commandments Hike, promote religious awards, and religious activities and opportunities for youth and adult leaders. 

Shooting Sports | Gary Jordan

Promotion of shooting sports activities, trainings, and monthly open shoot opportunities for all Scouts! 

STEM | Rich Gomez

Promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to all Scouts, as well as organize special events and training, as well as provide resources for Nova and SuperNova Counselors! 

Training | Allyn Calhoun

Every Scout deserves a trained leader, and our goal is to provide training opportunities and resources for all Scouters and Scouts, from basic position training, to advanced training including National Youth Leadership Training, Wood Badge, and more!

Civic Service | Vianney Careaga

Our goal as the Civic Service Committee is to create opportunities for Scouts to participate in civic service experiences through community impact projects and public engagement activities that strengthen our community relationships, create a positive impact, and further the aims of Grand Canyon Council. 

Additional information on our committees, including contact information, can be found at or at the committee specific pages found throughout the Council site. If you are interested in joining any committee, please contact the committee chair or Council Program Director Matthew Graham at

Thank you. TJ Brecheisen, Grand Canyon Council Camping and Outdoor Committee Chair

The Grand Canyon Council has a variety of program committees that coordinate, plan, and execute opportunities for Scouts throughout the year. These opportunities for our Scouts are only limited by the number of individuals willing to help shape and promote them to our youth.