The Prefect’s Academy

The Prefect’s Academy

Geronimo School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

A new camping experience unites a strong fantasy theme with an opportunity to discover, learn and earn merit badges unique to this camp.

A brand new experience awaits Scouts this October at Camp Geronimo! Scouts and friends aged 12 and older are invited to join us over fall break for a week-long resident camp!

Summer camp alumni will recognize the familiar programs, but enjoy the additional thematic flare and merit badges unique to this camp.

Our participants will be earning wizardry credit in the likes of Herbology, Astrology, Ancient Runes, Potions, Quidditch and Defense against the Dark Arts. While they engage in these thematic classes, they will earn real world skills through merit badge classes like Plant Science, Astronomy, Signs Signals and Codes, Chemistry and Athletics. 

In addition to the potential to earn five or more merit badges beyond the scope of Geronimo’s traditional summer program, participants will be provided with an authentic hands-on learning experience in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math that has been lacking this year with the move to on-line or modified learning environments.

The Prefect's Academy will operate two sessions in October, the sessions are as follows:

Session 1

Sunday October 4th, 2020- Saturday October 10th, 2020

Session 2

Sunday October 11th, 2020- Saturday October 17th, 2020
Our mission

Our mission for the Fall Camp Prefect’s Academy, is to create a magical escape for young adults to develop teamwork, self-esteem and to reawaken their natural curiosity for discovery in a safe controlled environment. Using the cohort model implemented in the summer of 2020 at Camp Geronimo, participants will be in a “House” of no more than 25 participants and may be joined with a second “house” to a maximum cohort size of 50 participants for the safety of all. “Houses” will travel a set schedule to qualified instructors with over 30 years of combined teaching experience to learn in a hand’s on environment about various STEM based skills, themed heavily to make the magical world come alive!

Cost and Camperships

The cost is $400 per scout (Camperships are available!) and $425 for any Non-Scout (Text a Friend!) .

 Included in the price:

  • A week of lodging in a cabin
  • 3 hot meals daily
  • Exclusive memorabilia in the form of a house shirt and scarf 
  • A unique experience to remember fondly for years to come

Registration is available now and a minimum cap of 50 participants for each session must be met by Thursday September 10, 2020 for this program to commence. The maximum occupancy is set at 150 for each week.