The COVID-19′ Impact to Grand Canyon Council

The COVID-19' Impact to Grand Canyon Council | March 31, 2020


A quick update on items of note in our council that relate to Scouting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay at Home Order

You probably heard that Governor Ducey issued a Stay at Home order March 30th, effective close of business March 31st.

  • For the duration of April, we will completely shut down the Scout Service Center and all employees will work from home beginning April 1st.
  • Administrative staff will have their office phones and council-issued laptops at their homes and volunteers will be able to continue interacting with our staff via telephone and email.  Scouters should see no change in service during this time. 

Scout Shops

  • Scout Shops continue to remain closed.  Supply items can be ordered at
  • Does your unit need advancement items?  A process has been developed so units can have advancements shipped directly:
    • Email your Advancement Report to
    • In body of email, include your phone number. Supply will call to process payment and confirm order.
    • If you require advancement materials or products, please call our Customer Service at 800-323-0736, Monday through Friday, between 8 am and 7 pm EST.

Scout at Home

Our website includes at-home advancement guides for Cub Scouts as well as Scouts, B.S.A. The “Scouting at Home” site on now features multiple resources to help both parents and leaders support the continuation of Scouting adventures, with stay-at-home activities for any Scout rank, and tips for continuing to work on advancement. Check back regularly and share information with your parents and volunteers about these great options for at-home fun and learning for Scouting families and non-Scouting families alike. 

On our website you will also find details on how advancement policies will account for the new obstacles we face in these times. There may be extensions granted to earning ranks and parents may be able to sign off on certain advancements throughout this period, enabling Scouts the ability to continue to pursue their Scout activities.  Additional details on temporary advancement modifications may be found in the Covid-19 Questions and Answers release.

The Cub Scout 30 Day Challenge includes a day by day breakdown of activities that families may do within the safety of their homes, while also completing four to five Cub Scout Adventures!  There is a 30-day challenge for each rank, Lions through Webelos.

Scouts within Scouts, B.S.A. may continue to work on merit badges, with the approval of their Scout Master. A listing of advancements that can be completed at home, including merit badges, STEM/NOVA, Religious awards, and more are listed on our Scout Advancement from Home page.

Youth are not the only ones who may work on advancements or trainings from home! Any Scouter may log onto to complete trainings available for their roles within Scouting. These trainings aid leaders in finding resources, becoming more informed in their roles, and allow them to better support Scouts. In fact, every training within a Pack or Troop may be completed through online trainings on my.Scouting with the exception of camping trainings: Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) and Basic Adult Leadership Outdoor Orientation (BALOO). For new leaders or leaders who have yet to set up a my.Scouting account, a step by step guide is available here. Each training is broken down into smaller modules to allow leaders to work on it a piece at a time, and the breakdown of times, training modules by role, and more can be found here.

We’ll continue to update everyone on Scouting and the impact we’re facing. 

Many are facing economic challenges as a result of the pandemic.  Our council is similar in that regard.  Cancelling our spring activities will result in lost revenue of nearly $80,000.  We were counting on this revenue to balance our budget.  If you’ve not had an opportunity to contribute to Friends of Scouting or make an Arizona Tax Credit Contribution, please go to make a contribution.

Please do your best to remain safe, clean, and healthy.


Andy Price

Scout Executive/CEO

March 31, 2020


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