Spade Ranch Adventure at Camp Geronimo 2020

Spade Ranch Adventure at Camp Geronimo 2020

Conquer your fears and face the challenge of a lifetime in this exciting a la carte program designed for older youth and adults. Participants will ride ATVs, descend into total darkness, climb natural rock, mountain bike, and go on an epic Canyoneering trip. This program is open to youth who are 13 years old by January 1 of 2020—no leadership from your unit is required for this program.

Scouts who are at least 13 years old by Janurary 1 of the year attending. Participants must be able to pass the BSA Swimmer’s Test in order to participate in the water activities.

Our program staff provides the primary adult leadership for Spade Ranch Adventure Groups during activity and travel; however, we encourage adults to participate (why should the kids have all the fun?). If your unit plans to register youth females, please also register an adult female to ensure we meet YPT Guidelines.

The Spade Ranch Staff will provide transportation to and from all activities in either buses or vans.

Participants will stay at Geronimo either with their own unit or in provisional sites dedicated to Spade Ranch Adventure. We will have one overnight outside of Geronimo.

To provide an exciting and memorable summer camp experience.

Spade Ranch Adventure provides certified, high-quality gear for all of its activities. However, each program requires specific personal gear (see page 2) that helps to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the program: (A small backpack with a waist strap will be helpful for carrying gear to and from

Your Week at Spade Ranch Adventures at Camp Geronimo

Sunday: Arrive at camp and go through the normal check in procedure with your troop. All Spade Ranch participants should stop by the Dining Hall to meet the Spade Ranch Director and receive an overview of the week’s activities. All participants must take the swimmer test on Sunday.

Monday through Friday: Your schedule will depend upon which activity your group will be doing that day. All the activities will start after breakfast, so be prepared and bring all the items necessary for that day’s activity. There will be a one out-of-camp experience.



Friday night after Closing Campfire: Have Scouts pack all their belongings except those needed Friday night and Saturday morning.

  • Pack all troop gear.
  • Check to make sure you received the correct number of participant’s patches.
  • Complete the camp evaluation and reserve your spot for next year.

Counselor in Training (CIT)Do you want to be a part of the Geronimo Family and spend a summer with some of the best people in Arizona? Then sign up for the newly revamped CIT program. 14 and 15-year-old Scouts are invited to spend 3 weeks at Camp Geronimo and participate in a program that will develop leadership, customer service, and teaching skills. If you are interested in this program, please send an email to

Scoutmaster Program—Leaders attending camp can now sign up for all the trainings needed to successfully run a unit and get youth outside having fun. These classes are available on a first come first serve basis so please sign up in advance when you register your scouts for merit badges in April.

The Grand Canyon Council is committed to removing barriers that prevent youth from having meaningful camping experiences. Youth who are attending GCC Council operated camps may apply for assistance by completing and submitting this form: