• Roundtable offers valuable monthly training for leaders.  "Every boy deserves a well trained leader!" - Baden Powell, founder of Boy Scouts.
  • Roundtable provides excellent ideas for upcoming den, pack, patrol, troop, team and crew meetings!  As well as great information for your Key Scout Meetings and Parent meetings!
  • Roundtable showcases District Resources and Personnel! Come find out what and who your local resources are! There is no need for you to do all that hard work yourself! 
  • Roundtable is a great opportunity for important networking between leaders! - Find a "brother" unit to combine activities with from time to time.  Learn what other leaders do.  Help other leaders become better!
  • Roundtable gives upcoming event notifications and details that you don't get online! - You know, the kind that happen only when somebody asks questions!
  • Roundtable lasts only one hour!  No, really!  It is once a month for one hour!  You are welcome to come early and participate in the networking half hour, or stay a little late and hang out, but the training is one hour!
  • Roundtable presents great information/training for every scout leader position!  Your unit cannot afford for you not to come - but more importantly, your boys cannot afford for you to miss!
  • Roundtable provides a general meeting, and breakouts for each position!  You get specific information/training for you!


Where:  Meet us at the LDS Church on Linda Vista 7:00 pm

the first Thursday of each month (except for June & July) 










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