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Come to this page for Cub Scout Information. 


Cub Scout Pow Wow 2013

November 22nd and 23rd


Cub Scout Day Camp/Webelos Weekend 2014

     Day Camp/Webelos Weekend Web Site 

     Webelos Weekend May 30th and 31st

      Day Camp May 31st

     Pack units will need to get their Pack Coordinators and have them sign up/in on the Day Camp website.
     One coordinator for both Day Camp and Webelos Weekend.   
     Once registration information is received, a Registration Packet will be sent to the Coordinator
     and they can start the registration process.  
     All information needed is on the Day Camp website - flyers, health forms, and contact information.


David Redding Memorial Fishing Derby

     Held in August  - Please check the calendar for this years date and time.

Food plate info (replaces food pyramid)


FUSD Information distribution forms

    This is the Application for Distribution of Information for FUSD.  
    This is an example of what was distributed at Cromer.


Leave No Trace Pledge and Requirements


Pinewood Derby 

     2012 District Pinewood Derby Info Page 1
     2012 District Pinewood Derby Info Page 2

     Bracket form 1       
     Bracket form 2
     Bracket form handed out at Roundtable


Record Keeping - The following are options for Cub Scout record keeping.  This is not a recommendation, but a list of options.  If you have other options, please let us know so we can add them here.
     TroopMaster Software


Space Derby (handouts were given in the Janary and February 2010 Round Table meetings)

    General Information

     Information from May 2011 Roundtable meeting


Summertime Pack Award

   Summertime Pack Award Application Form
   Summer Time Activity Ideas





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