Four Peaks DistrictMerit Badge Counselor List


Four Peaks District Merit Badge Counselor List

LAST UPDATED 04-17-2014


Looking for a merit badge counselor? Please email Brian Flynn at with what Merit Badges you are in need of. 

NOTE:  In order to register as a merit badge counselor an applicant must fill out 2 forms.  First, a standard BSA adult application, both pages.  Second, a merit badge counselor form.  Both forms must be completely filled out and submitted to our registration office or to the district executive.  All merit badge counselors must also complete Youth Protection Training through before they may be registered. 

Go to, create an account if you have not previously done so.  If you are not currently registered in another position, just click "not member" as your create and account.  (You will later need to log back in, input your BSA Personal Identification Number (PID), and select your council under "update profile" on to recieve credit for any online training.)  Anyway, when you do the Youth Protection Training on it is good for 2 years.  PRINT OUT YOUR YOUTH PROTECTION CERTIFICATE and INCLUDE that with your BSA adult application and merit badge counselor form to complete your applicaiton to become a registered and insured Merit Badge Counselor.

There is never a fee to be a merit badge counselor.  All merit badge counselors are registered to their district and not their unit.  MB counselors are not obligated to counselor boys outside their unit if they do not wish to. 

Since MB counselors are registering to the district, there are no signatures required on their adult application for the signature lines under committee chairman and the chartered organization representative.  It is only required to have the signature of the applicant and the district executive.  The applicant should remember to ALSO make sure the second page on the adult application, authorizing the back ground check, is signed and filled out as well.



New Merit Badge Counselors or Dropped Membership as a registered Merit Badge Counselor can follow the below Merit badge application Process:


  1. Submit a completed Adult Registration form and Disclosure form (Both are the standard two part registration form).

The only signature required is of the person applying to be the Merit Badge Counselor.  It is required by National that a separate application be turned in to register as a Merit Badge Counselor.



a.      If the Individual on the application wants to register as a Merit Badge Counselor and as a Scout Unit Leader or as a Member of Committee the two additional signatures will be required to approve the Scout Unit Position. With two positions being applied for it is required to have a copy to process two separate applications.



    1. If the applicant is already approved and registered in a unit as a leader or as Member of Committee, another adult application is still required be filled out and turned in to register as a Merit Badge Counselor.



    1. The Merit Badge registration is good for the current year. Annual registration starts in March and drops the end of February.   Please check with your District Executive to know if your leaders are currently registered as Merit badge counselors.



2.     Submit a copy of the Youth Protection Card (always required to be turned in with every adult application)



3.     Submit the Merit Badge Counselor registration form




a.      This form is a separate form that explains what merit badges will be taught and specifies in which areas the Counselor prefers to assist (unit scouts, district wide scouts, or council wide scouts).


b.      If the applicant is already registered as a Merit Badge Counselor for the current year and would like to update or add additional merit badges they would like to teach; this form can be submitted without the Adult registration form.