LDS commissioners

CHANDLER Cub Scouts Barrie Rowley 480-883-1032
  11-year old Rachel McAlister 480-917-0906
  Boy Scouts Brent Sandstrom 480-926-4504
  Varsity Scouts Steve Chamberlain 480-842-5010
  Venturing Noah Tyler 480-556-1112
CHANDLER EAST Cub Scouts Jennie Bills 480-802-4708
  11-year old April Havey 480-882-1334
  Boy Scouts John Rosko 480-855-6851
  Varsity Scouts Gregory Nygen 480-365-9980
  Venturing Justin Cook 602 405-2665
CHANDLER WEST Cub Scouts Debbie Cenatiempo 480-452-5797
  11-year old Rhonda Michie 480-215-5034
  Boy Scouts David Price 480-786-9742
  Varsity Scouts Brennan Ray 480-895-8604
  Venturing Keith Childs 602-751-0138
GILBERT Cub Scouts Laurie Young 480-497-6667
  11-year old Kimberly Robinson 480-415-4177
  Boy Scouts LaMar Hill 602-920-5908
  Varsity Scouts Dwayne Farnsworth 480-229-3300
  Venturing Larry Kirkpatrick 480-892-8603
GREENFIELD Cub Scouts Sharon Scarlett 480-202-3862
  11-year old Rachael Gardner 480-857-8811
  Boy Scouts Scott Hatch 480-577-8920
  Varsity Scouts Eric Hakes 602-335-9397
  Venturing Dave Roberts 480-652-9009
HIGHLAND EAST Cub Scouts Gina Burnett 480-627-9338
  11-year old Shellie Jensen 480-654-3997
  Boy Scouts Todd Breinholt 480-279-0128 
  Varsity Scouts Clay Wagner 480-988-1495
  Venturing Rob Friend 480-707-3944
HIGHLAND WEST Cub Scouts Marla Arnold 480-600-3666
  11-year old Dena Weech 480-832-1818
  Boy Scouts Derrick Dickerson  
  Varsity Scouts Greg Ward 480-500-5583
  Venturing Marc Menden 480-286-3073
HIGLEY Cub Scouts Stacy Allen 480-452-4486
  11-year old Sara Jarman 480-518-0019
  Boy Scouts Bryan Mortensen 480-634-1199
  Varsity Scouts Tom Roth 480-988-6018
  Venturing David Graham 480-854-9443
SAN TAN Cub Scouts Rosalyn Ellsworth 480-295-9786
  11-year old Whitney Sims 480-246-0568
  Boy Scouts Stefan Bradshaw 480-279-6659
  Varsity Scouts John Bateman 480-988-5059
  Venturing Brian Johnson 659-0928
STAPLEY Cub Scouts Becky Blake 480-926-3438
  11-year old Kimberly Anderson 480-813-8389
  Boy Scouts Kiley Crosby 480-813-0446
  Varsity Scouts Jerry Newitt 480-528-1191
  Venturing Eliott Dibble 480-668-7523
VAL VISTA Cub Scouts Angie Smith 480-332-1330
  11-year old Vikki Turner P 480-380-2713
  Boy Scouts Jonathan Buehner 480-495-2738
  Varsity Scouts Matthew Jarrett 480-231-5557
  Venturing Keith Nelson 480-258-9151
WILLIAMS FIELD Cub Scouts Teresa Welker 480-516-7380
  11-year old Allison Day P 480-272-6670
  Boy Scouts Mason Lundell 480-619-2868
  Varsity Scouts Rollin Adams (602) 418-7361
  Venturing Darvin Dean Moore 480-917-0394


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