Advancement Process

The Boy Scout advancement process seems, to a new Scout, as a pretty straight-forward process. The Scout`s handbook details the things to be done. The Scout does them, gets signed off, and gets recognized for his achievements.

A new adult unit leader may find the process a bit more intimidating, as there are few written guidelines to explain the adult Scouter`s responsibility for advancement in the unit. In deed, advancement on the unit level involves all of the adults in one aspect or another. Each adult has a responsibility, however, indirect to insure that the each boy advances.

Below are some guidelines from the Grand Cancyon Council Advancement Committee. The first is for all Scouters and explains the advancement process in general. The second discusses the importance of the Advancement Chairman`s role. The third explores the Scoutmaster`s responsibilities during the Advancement Conference.


The Board of Review Process

Role of the Advancement Chairman

Scoutmaster`s Advancement Conference

Scoutmaster Conferences Presentation

Scoutmaster Conferences Presentation with Speaker Notes

Guide to Advancement

Advancement Resources

Advancement Videos